This Guy Wears Naked White Women As Scarves, Instagrams The Results

12/4/13 9:54AM EST

This Guy Wears Naked White Women As Scarves Instagrams The Results This Guy Wears Naked White Women As Scarves, Instagrams The Results

Image via Instagram/trophyscarves

Trophy Scarves is a new Instagram account that New York photographer Nate Hill uses to share photos of himself wearing white women like scarves. The description of the project is simple, but it also sort of raises a lot of question: “I wear white women for status and power,” Hill writes.

The women are all perfectly willing. Most become part of the project after responding to Hill’s ads on Craigslist. And clothing is optional. Most are nude or nearly nude, with the majority of women opting for bras and thongs at most.

Hill told Vice magazine the photos act as a commentary on certain aspects of our culture. “Well, there are people who see certain races as status symbols, and someone had to comment on that,” he said.

One of Hill’s models, Janet Mercel, explained her take on the project. “[Hill] was trying to draw attention to a certain culture, this longstanding thing where successful black men think of skinny little white women as just another accessory as a bottle service or a car,” she said while speaking to The Root. “Your identity doesn’t really matter. One girl is the same as the next. You’re just a white girl, and that’s all that matters. So he was getting that across.”

Mercel thinks the point of the project is clear, and she says that’s why so many women are willing to be a part of it. She hopes the photos will draw attention to the artist’s idea, which The Root says is to “[satirize] her own objectification and privilege.”

The Instagram account also includes the occasional picture of bizarre texts related to the project. The texts shed some light on the behind-the-scenes planning of the pictures. He receives typical texts that offer times and locations, along with some that are just plain weird. One reads, “i will present you with three lithe white women. is that too much?”

Hill himself is married and says his wife “tolerates” the unusual project.

This isn’t Hill’s first antic. He also has a project called White Power Milk, in which he sells milk that white women have gargled.