This Phone Charger Takes 30 Seconds To Deliver Full Power

4/7/14 12:18PM EST

This Phone Charger Takes 30 Seconds to Deliver Full Power This Phone Charger Takes 30 Seconds To Deliver Full Power

screen shot via YouTube/Doron Myersdorf

If you can wait a few years for the product to hit the market, you may never wait for your phone to charge again. The Wall Street Journal reports Israeli startup StoreDot is showing off the prototype of a phone charger that takes only 30 seconds to deliver full battery power at the Think Next expo in Tel Aviv.

To show curious cell phone addicts how quickly the process can take, StoreDot has a video that shows its charger taking a Samsung Galaxy S4 running on empty to full battery power in half a minute’s time. Though the model is in place, consumers will likely not see the device in stores until 2016.

According to CNET, the phone charger breakthrough is actually a product of research into organic amino acids called peptides. These amino acids link together to form proteins that can deliver energy for semiconductors. They may also provide a protein boost if you’re looking to build muscle or refresh tired skin.

StoreDot’s flash charge technique is not a sexy, modern system that takes place invisibly. To the contrary, the old-fashioned monitor on the charger recalls the bulky heyday of pre-laptop PC technology. When the product hits the market, expect a much slicker package that will make itself at home in startups and tech laboratories around the world. At Think Next, the device was reportedly the size of a laptop battery charger.

The startup is planning to reduce the size even more by the time it launches in 2016. For such an improved charging system, the projected price is reasonable enough. A 30-second charger is expected to cost consumers $30, according to The Wall Street Journal.

If the device hit stores at that price today, it would likely sell out in a heartbeat.


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