This Woman Tries To Film Her Dogs Going Down A Slide And Fails Miserably (Video)

7/29/14 11:32AM EST

Please someone give this couple a child! You know it’s bad when you’re putting your Dobermans down a kids slide. I’d have loved to have been there when they found out their dogs couldn’t have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. You can just see the lady sadly throwing away a bunch of special ordered doggy party hats…

If you really love your dog, let them do something they enjoy. Maybe chasing tennis balls or hiking, anything other than simulated falling. By putting your pet down a slide you are only subjecting them to terror. You might think they are having fun, but it’s only because your delusional mind state allows you to project your own thoughts and feelings onto everyone around you. Seriously, if you can’t have a child just adopt one. That way you can at least unload all of your psychic garbage onto a creature who can at least absorb and process it.

Or I could be reading this all wrong. If you watch the video closely you’ll see a man’s arm pop out and push the second dog’s butt a little right before it flies off and tackles the lady. Maybe he was trying to get back at his girl for making him stand on top of a kid’s slide while she filmed her dogs playing on it. So many layers of complexity here…


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