Topless Woman Tries To Destroy A Florida McDonald’s, Stops To Enjoy Ice Cream Cone (Video)

4/8/14 12:06PM EST

Topless Woman Tries To Destroy A McDonalds In Florida Stops To Enjoy Ice Cream Cone Topless Woman Tries To Destroy A Florida McDonalds, Stops To Enjoy Ice Cream Cone (Video)

screen shot via LiveLeak

This bit of customer feedback didn’t work on a comment card. Video footage shows a topless woman going crazy inside a Florida McDonald’s recently, hurling equipment to the floor and trashing anything she could get her hands on before enjoying some ice cream and calling it a day.

Security video published of the tirade show a woman in her late twenties or early thirties going behind the counter at a McDonald’s in Florida. From there, what seemed to be minor disdain turned into violent rage. The woman slams a refrigerator door and hurls trays across the store before tipping over a huge piece of equipment on wheels. In the video’s background, McDonald’s employees can be heard narrating the close-circuit TV footage in disbelief.

Who was this woman wearing just thong underwear and why did she unleash her fury on this McDonald’s? At press time, background details were scarce. All that is known is that the event took placed on a recent Monday night in the Sunshine State. Once the destruction was complete, the woman poured herself a soft-serve ice cream cone and took a breather behind the counter. The manager heard in the surveillance video alleges she went to enjoy some fries after she was through with the cone.

During the course of the assault, the manager can be seen pleading with the woman to calm down. However, he disappears from view when she hurls a pile of trays in his direction. There are some McDonald’s customer complaints that can’t be handled the old-fashioned way.


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