Viral Photo: KFC Worker Licks Tub Of Mashed Potatoes

2/21/13 10:33AM EST

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

We’ve all heard the stories. A disgruntled food service employee hawking a loogie a burger, licking a slice of cheese or shooting a snot rocket into a shake. But rarely has anyone actually witnessed the disgusting acts of rebellion and vengeance. Until now.

A photo has emerged depicting a KFC employee who love’s the chains famous mashed potatoes so much she, couldn’t wait to order her own. The image—which recently went viral—clearly shows the Johnson City, Tenn. now-former employee lavishly licking a large plate of smushed spuds.

KFC spokesman Rick Maynard promised the photo was taken after hours and the potatoes were never served to customers. But does he really know? He wasn’t there, after all. And if you look closely at the photo, you can see the employee was wearing her drive-thru headset. Wouldn’t she have taken it off if the restaurant was actually closed? Either way, the employee was immediately fired, as was the photographer.