Watch: Rats Gone Wild At New York Dunkin’ Donuts

4/3/14 2:45PM EST

Watch Rats Gone Wild At New York Dunkin Donuts Watch: Rats Gone Wild At New York Dunkin Donuts

screen shot via YouTube

The work of New York City Health Department inspectors is never done. In a YouTube video Dunkin’ Donuts regulars won’t want to watch, a New York rat is seen having its way on the freshly baked goods in a Garment District location of the ubiquitous donut chain.

According to¬†Gothamist,¬†the man who filmed the video had grown so accustomed to the sight of rats enjoying the food at this Dunkin’ location that he was waiting for their appearance. Heard telling a friend how one is “going to town” on croissants and bagels, he said at least eight rats were enjoying the Dunkin’ feast before the store opened its doors to hungry morning commuters.

The man behind the shocking video went on to tell¬†Gothamist¬†the rats have something of a scheduled meal time at the Dunkin’ location on 37th Street near 8th Avenue in Manhattan. First the workers stock the shelves, then “the rats come out and party,” he said.

How does this particular Dunkin’ Donuts rank in terms of food safety? Though it sports an impressive “A” rating in its store window, there is no reason for customers to assume that means there are safety standards that make rats’ lives miserable.

Quite the contrary, in fact.¬†Gothamist¬†obtained the Health Department inspection of November 2013 that states the Dunkin’ Donuts location on 37th and 8th was “not vermin proof.¬†Harborage or conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist.”

In other words, the place is basically set up for rats to run wild, but it got an “A” rating anyway. According to the vagaries of New York City health inspections, restaurants and delis can be docked for violations like storing ice in clean steel containers or allowing bartenders to garnish drinks without the use of tongs. Whether or not a store serving food is “vermin proof” is apparently beside the point.


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