Watch This Pissed-Off Man Throw A Rock At A Speeding Lamborghini Aventador (Video)

5/30/14 2:45PM EST

Leave it to the gift of film to showcase the idiocy and senseless behavior of some people. Case in point: A guy taunting and then literally throwing a rock at the driver of a Lamborghini Aventador — just for the hell of it.

In a video posted last week by YouTube use Steven Zinn, a man can be seen taunting the driver of a black Lamborghini as it passes, while a bystander records the encounter.

“Keep racing! Keep racing!” The man Lamborghini the driver.

“Keep doin’ it.”

As the Lamborghini speeds up, the man starts jogging along with the car, continuing to say things that can’t be heard on the video.

Within seconds the man winds his arm and hurls what looks like a rock at the Lamborghini.

Somehow the driver in the car seems to keep his cool and can be seen speeding off a second later, while the culprit jogs along for a second before giving up his quest to play bully to a bigger kid.