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This Is The Laziest Pizza Delivery You’ll Ever See (Video)

I have so many questions: why is this pizza delivery guy so trusting? Is he lazy or amazing? What did …

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#Hashtag2: Jimmy Fallon And Jonah Hill Get #Real (Video)

Jimmy Fallon is back with #Hashtag2, this time featuring Jonah Hill. Watch them throw down some mad hashtags in this Twitter …

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This Might Be The Best Food Porn Site EVER

Hey, here’s that food porn site you didn’t ask for: Food Porn Index, you’re welcome. Juice and smoothie makers Bolthouse …

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L. Condoms: Good Men Give A F**K (Video)

Have you ever had a moral crisis based on the type of condoms you use? WELL, This Is L has …

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15 Things That Are More Important Than Money

Money can’t buy me love. Or, as it turns out, a lot of other stuff. There are some things that …

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Study Finds That More Walmart Equals More Crime

According to a new study released at the beginning of January, there is a correlation between the presence of Walmart …

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Coca-Cola Social Media Guard Will Save Us All (Video)

So look who’s jumped on the “social media deprives us of real-life interaction and we’re all turning into zombies” bandwagon: …

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Business Baby Is The New Meme Boss

The stars have aligned – by stars I mean Success Kid and Business Cat – and a new meme has …

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