Alabama Man’s ‘Caveman’ Mug Shot Goes Viral

Alabama Man’s ‘Caveman’ Mug Shot Goes Viral

Baldwin County Sheriff's office

Baldwin County Sheriff's office

And in the latest bizarre news, an Alabama man was arrested earlier this month for possession of marijuana and a controlled substance— as he was dressed like a caveman.

In a picture that would make a contender in any “Best Mug Shot” competition, 29-year-old Christopher Ray Woods is seen with a full beard and wearing a faux fur vest, very much resembling the caveman the Internet is calling him. To be fair, though, the guy was headed to a music festival, where “unique attire is just apart of the scene” as puts it.

Woods, of Huntsville, Ala., was headed to the Hangout Music Festival on May 16, but he never even made it inside. Police say Woods was arrested at the event's gate because it was clear he was up to something fishy.

He had a strong odor of marijuana and he consented to a search,” Baldwin County sheriff's office spokesman Maj. Anthony Lowery told “Deputies found a small amount of marijuana and four MDMA ‘Molly' pills in his wallet. He was charged accordingly.”

Woods was later released on bail—just in time to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame as “the guy who looked like a caveman in his mugshot.” Or, as The Smoking Gun put it, “the mug shot taken in 10,000 B.C.”

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