Bill Cosby’s Meme Request Goes Horribly Wrong

Image via Twitter/MisAmigosATL

Bill Cosby and his social media team got a lesson in the Internet on Monday when they asked the comedian’s Twitter followers to “meme” him.

Apparently not realizing that it’s been less than a month since comedian Hannibal Buress publicly brought up the allegations of sexual assault that were lodged against Cosby in 2006 — following which 13 other women came forward saying that they had also been drugged or assaulted by the former “Cosby Show” star — Cosby’s Twitter team posted a photo of Cosby along with a meme generator and the Tweet, “Go ahead. Meme me! #CosbyMeme.”

Instead of making harmless jokes about sweaters and pudding, Twitter users went wild, creating some inspired memes focusing on the rape allegations against the 77-year-old. The request for memes has since been deleted, according to Us Weekly, but that hasn’t stopped people from enthusiastically circulating some of the resulting images, which you can view below.