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Makeup Artist Brings Famous TV And Movie Characters To Life In Jaw-Dropping Images You Won’t Believe Are Real

It’s truly amazing what some people can do with their craft to manipulate, entertain and puzzle the mind. Elsa Rhae …

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This Guy’s Street Performance As A ‘Transformer’ Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

We see a lot of street performers here in New York, but who knew that there was a guy in …

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Adorable Baby Bear Rock Climbs After Mama (Video)

Accomplishing a feat that would require loads of expensive gear for their human counterparts, these bears scale a cliff face …

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Astonishing Helicopter Maneuvers Not To Try At Home (Video)

54-year-old Chuck Aaron is not just the first, but also the only civilian pilot to get his helicopter aerobatics license …

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Guy Fingersnaps Super Mario Theme Music (Video)

Super Mario players, search no more for the ultimate fan tribute. Accomplishing a weirdly impressive, niche musical feat, Emil Axelsson …

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50 TV Shows From The ’90s That We Wish Would Come Back

The ’90s were an awesome time for television. Sure, “Game Of Thrones” and “True Detective” are absolutely fantastic. They should …

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Watch This Amazing Bonobo Ape Build A Fire And Roast Marshmallows

BBC documentary television series “Monkey Planet” shows us just how similar monkeys and humans really are. Hosted by George McGavin, …

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Magician Stuns Crowd With ‘Jaw Dropping Dove Illusions’ On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ (Video)

26-year-old Darcy Oake has loved magic ever since he was a little kid. His father showed him a card trick …

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