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Librarians Come Up With These 12 Awesome Photos To Promote Reading Books

Librarians in Kaposvar, Hungary know how to engage people through literature… just maybe not in the most traditional sense. The …

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Uses A Tank To Crush Objects For Charity (Video)

Ever dreamt of riding with Arnold Schwarzenegger in his M47 Patton army tank and crushing shit? Add cigars and one …

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This Awesome Father Built A Batpod Motorcycle For His Kids (Video)

This father can pick up the “World’s Greatest Dad” mug on his desk at work and admire it whenever he …

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Rubik’s Cube Champion Solves 3 Cubes While Underwater (Video)

Rubik’s Cube champion Kevin Hayes has apparently decided that simply solving the colorful cubes at remarkable speed is not enough. …

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21 Of The Most Insane And Amazing Pools From Around The World (Photos)

Some pools have the ability to instantly transport viewers to another time or another place. These 21 pools create entirely …

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These ‘Breaking Bad’ Remixes Will Help Fill That Gaping Hole The Series Left In Your Life (Video)

If you were a big fan of Breaking Bad then you must have the same gaping hole in your schedule …

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This Video Of NYC In Winter Is Incredible

New York City is probably the most famous city in the world. There is no movie, no photograph, no words …

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Watch This Stuntman Run A Loop-The-Loop For The First Time Ever (Video)

I don’t know what it is with us humans but we just don’t seem to like this whole gravity thing …

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