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The Little-Known History Of Orbit Gum

We all know Orbit gum as that sugar-free sensation with flavors like sangria, strawberry mint and melon breeze that burst …

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Perfectly Pairing Food And Wine Is Simple (Infographic)

Wine Pairing Chart infographic by madelinep. The ability to perfectly pair food with wine is an acquired skill that few …

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What Do S’mores And Masturbation Have In Common?

What do s’mores and masturbation have in common? Nothing, you say? Well, we know you won’t be showing up on …

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Coffee Mug Adaptation Holds Your Spoon

A lot of hot drinks require stirring. But some, like coffee or tea with condensed milk—served most often in areas …

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Subway Uses Bulletproof Glass To Protect Sandwiches In The ‘Hood

How does this Subway in west Oakland, Calif. differ from your friendly neighborhood sub shop down the street? Bulletproof glass …

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Hey Jimmy Fallon… Here’s How You Make A Better Pringles Can

Jimmy Fallon cracked up America last week during his Late Night Hashtags segment featuring user-submitted Tweets in the category #WhyDontTheyMakeThat. …

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Spice Up Your Sex Life With Sex Cereal

Walk down the cereal aisle at the grocery store and you’ll find a lot of different options. Sure there’s the …

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The (Fat And) Skinny On Sushi

How often do you see a fat Japanese woman? While I’m sure they exist, in general the population has much …

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