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Watch How Strangers React To This Boy Shivering In The Cold Without A Jacket (Video)

In Osla, Norway an 11 year old boy sat in the freezing cold at a bus stop. When people approach …

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A Boy And His Dog: The Touching Story Of Haatchi And Owen (Video)

If you haven’t had your daily happy-cry yet, then here you go. ‘A Boy And His Dog’ explores the incredible …

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This Endearing Toddler Loves Listening To A Sad Song Even Though He Cries Through It (Video)

Four-year-old Jackson is moved to tears when this sad song comes on the radio. As A Great Big World’s “Say …

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State Trooper Writes Heartfelt Obituary For His Fallen K9 Companion

Massachusetts State Trooper Christopher Coscia shared a special bond with his canine partner, Dante. They shared 2,300 rides together, catching murderers, …

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Dying Father Leaves His Last Words Of Advice For Daughter On Napkins

Garth Callaghan may not have long to live. The 44-year-old father has been diagnosed with cancer three times since November …

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Man Reunites His Girlfriend With Long-Lost Teddy Bear (Video)

Got a fiancee? Take notes here, fellas. If you want to win her heart forever, dig around her parents’ attic …

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First Grader Shaves His Head So His Friend With Cancer Isn’t The Only One Without Hair

These two kids have a thing or two to teach adults about true friendship. When Missouri first-grader Zac Gossage, aged …

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Miracle Baby Weighed Just 1.5 Pounds At Birth

Reddit user Tcordolino was 24 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to her son. Four months premature, he weighed just 1.5 pounds. …

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