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Kid Goes On Destructive Rampage Through Dollar Store With No Parents In Sight (Video)

This kid knows how to destroy things. Like an oddly calm Godzilla, he makes his way through a dollar store, …

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Man Spends More Than $150k To Look Like Kim Kardashian

What would you do if you had a spare $156,000 to burn? Buy a new car? Go on vacation? Put …

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Foul-Mouthed Little Girls Tell Santa All They Want For Christmas Is Equal Pay (Video)

The foul-mouthed girls of activist for-profit apparel company FCKH8 are back in a new, Christmas-themed video that asks, “What if …

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You’re Going To Love The Catchy ‘Everybody Knows Sh*t F*ck’ Song (Video)

What is the “Everybody Knows Shit Fuck” song? Until recently, it was a mystery to everyone except Instagram user Louisa …

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‘Drunk Girl’ Video Allegedly Staged To Make Innocent Bystanders Look Like Predators

A recent video of a woman pretending to be drunk and getting creepily harassed by creeps on the street has …

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Laptop Camera Captures Housekeeper Going Through Hotel Guest’s Belongings (Video)

Even though hotel rooms aren’t usually considered as secure as a bank vault, it’s reasonable to assume that you can …

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Watch How Men React When A Woman Pretends To Be Drunk In Public (Video)

If you’re looking to be incredibly creeped out today, look no further than this video from Stephen Zhang, in which …

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Send A Box Of Shit To Someone You Hate With ShitExpress

Perhaps you’ve been searching for just that perfect “fuck you” gift to send to your roommate, ex-lover, mortal enemy or …

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