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Canadian PSA Shows Repercussions Of Drunk Driving In The Most Morbid Way Yet (Video)

SAAQ – Cable from La Cavalerie on Vimeo. Montreal-based advertising agency La Cavalerie just took dark PSAs to new level. …

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Watching This Toddler Trying To Intervene As His Mom Is Attacked Will Break Your Heart (Video)

You’ve seen it time and time again: A mom comes to the rescue when her baby is in trouble. It’s …

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Three American Friends Hospitalized After Playing With Ouija Board, Show Signs Of ‘Possession’

It’s like a headline out of a horror movie. Three American friends were hospitalized after reportedly showing signs of “possession” …

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Wife Beater Feels The Wrath Of Karma With Dose Of Street Justice (Video)

Most people will vouch that karma exists, but rarely does anyone get to see it play out so quickly. One …

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Kid Has Tooth Pulled With A Hot Wheels Car… And His Childhood Is Officially Scarred (Video)

Losing your baby teeth was the turning point of childhood, when adulthood seemed like it was just a newly grown …

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Watch What Happens When People Come Face-To-Face With A Killer Clown… Again (Video)

In the first Killer Clown scare prank video we watched regular citizens react to the terror that is a child’s …

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Woman Who Snuck Up Behind A Cop And Slashed His Throat Found Not Guilty

A jury in Vermont acquitted a woman of attempted second-degree murder charges last month after she was caught on camera …

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Volkswagen’s ‘Eyes On The Road’ PSA Shocks Unsuspecting Movie Audience (Video)

Volkswagen wants to make one thing clear: It does not want you to text and drive. It’s a message the …

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