Chinese Toddler Smokes A Cigarette While Adults Watch And Laugh (Video)

Chinese Toddler Smokes A Cigarette While Adults Watch And Laugh (Video)

An estimated 300 million people in China are regular smokers—but we weren't expecting babies to be a part of that number.

In a video posted on Live Leak, a Chinese toddler between 2 and 3 years old smokes a cigarette while adult passersby look on and laugh. At one point a woman, presumably the child's family member, comes over to slap the toddler's hand in an attempt to chastise him for something. Unperturbed, the child makes himself comfortable on his chair before bringing the cigarette to his mouth for another puff.

Another adult man can be seen smoking in the video, while another laughs filming the spectacle. The whole scene takes place at a grocery stall, and multiple people can be seeing stopping and passing by—some even amused at the sight. No one, including the woman who continues to rant in the background, makes an actual attempt to take the cigarette from the baby as he continues to enjoy his smoke.

It comes as no surprise now that China is the world's largest producer of tobacco and also leads the world in the number of smoking-related deaths with 1 million people dying every year. While the government has made some attempts to address the issue (it's now illegal to smoke in certain public places in China like hospitals and schools), it's obvious there is much more work to be done. It's estimated that with habits unchanged, tobacco-related deaths will rise to 3.5 million in China by 2030.

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