Colbie Callait’s New Music Video Takes A Shot At Photoshop And Proves Women Are Beautiful Just The Way They Are

Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Colbie Callait is back, and her first single is making a powerful statement about how she feels about beauty ideals in today’s world.

In the music video for the first single, “Try,” off of her new album Gypsy Heart, this natural beauty has one clear message; you don’t have to try so hard to be beautiful.

The video features a myriad of women of all ages and ethnicities singing along to Callait’s inspirational lyrics, while removing their makeup and tousling their hair revealing their beauty just as it is.

Callait says that her own insecurities before preparing for this song’s music video and her everyday experiences living a life in the spotlight played a huge role in the video’s theme. But it was singer-songwriter and record producer Babyface that really forced her to face the real problems plaguing women everyday and inspired her to make such a bold statement.

“I went into the recording studio with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and I told him that I was getting a lot of pressure to be someone I’m not, both musically and image-wise,” Callait told Elle. “Although I don’t want to do it, I’m just going to make these people happy. He started laughing, and said, we’re not going to do that. That’s not you, and that’s ridiculous of them to ask. That right there gave me the creative freedom. He said, ‘Let’s write about exactly what they’re asking you to do—to change yourself.’ We started checking off all these things that all of us girls do everyday to get ready to go out. I told him that before coming to the studio I wanted to look pretty so I had my nails done, I made sure I had the best outfit on, I had my hair and makeup artist come over and make me look all polished. And the thing is that I like myself when I’m not that way, but I feel like other people might not like me that way. And I know that most women go through that. When you have blemishes on your skin, gain weight, or my friend has crooked teeth, or my mom’s roots are going gray. And everyone is trying to hide their faults from each other when we all have it. So Babyface inspired me to write this and it’s all from a personal experience.”