Father Outdoes Himself With New And Improved LED Halloween Costume For Daughter (Video)

Last year, a toddler named Zoey became one of the cutest things on the Internet when her parents dressed her up in a custom-made LED suit for Halloween. Although Zoey seemed slightly freaked out by her first suit, this year she has a newer, even cooler one, and is clearly quite excited to show off the 2.0 version, which is multicolored and has Minnie Mouse ears — quite possibly the best Halloween costume any kid has ever had.

After staggering around like a giant glow-in-the-dark stick figure and informing her father that her planned activities at Disneyland include candy, she makes the conservative estimate that she’ll probably get three pieces. Her father disagrees, however, and I think he’s right; a suit this awesome clearly deserves at least five pieces of candy. Maybe even more.

Here’s last year’s suit:

If you want to live the dream of being a huge stick figure, you can buy your very own Glowy Zoey costume — in either toddler, kids or adult size — at the Glowy Zoey website.