Guy Throws Bricks At Dogs And Gets What’s Coming To Him (Video)

Guy Throws Bricks At Dogs And Gets What’s Coming To Him (Video)


It’s not too smart to attack and piss off of pair of German Shepherds. In this video, some dude who appears drunk starts throwing rocks and garbage at the dogs as they’re being led through an area identified by some viewers as Casablanca, Morocco. Jackass just won’t let up, until the dogs apparently had enough of the attack and decided they’d show him what was what.

First one dog, then the owner with the second, run back to give the jerk a taste of his own medicine. The dickwad can be heard screaming as the dogs knock him on the ground and drag him a short distance by his pants leg. He must have been scared shitless, but it’s impossible to feel bad for someone who was so eager to harass a couple of animals. Karma’s a bitch, dude.

And although some viewers have raised the possibility that the dogs had wronged the man before the start of the video, no one seems to have raised the possibility that perhaps he was actually throwing objects at the dogs’ owner. Maybe the owner had totally fucked the other man over… he could have just found him in bed with his daughter or ripped him off of some money. Regardless, the dogs still got the last word.

Samantha Lile