Kid Goes On Destructive Rampage Through Dollar Store With No Parents In Sight (Video)

This kid knows how to destroy things. Like an oddly calm Godzilla, he makes his way through a dollar store, pulling items off shelves, scattering things on the floor, pushing over display stands and throwing things at people with a silent, inscrutable anger. His parents are nowhere to be found, allowing his reign of terror to spread across the entire store.

The video, posted by Superken Gaming, follows the unnamed kid around the store as he blazes a path of destruction and threatens to hit the guy videotaping him with a small umbrella as other customers stand hypnotized, clearly unsure of how to stop this kid as he wreaks havoc on every shelf.

Next time, it could be you, so ask yourself one question: How will you defend yourself the next time a child starts rampaging through your local dollar store?