Mexico City Train Driver is Caught Playing FarmVille At The Wheel (Video)

Hmmm. Maybe there’s more than one reason passengers are separated from the train operators…

One Mexico City train driver was recently busted on video playing FarmVille on his tablet while operating a speeding train down the tracks of the capital’s busy metro system.

Passenger Carlo Segura Linares was in disbelief at what he witnessed and caught on tape during one of his commutes on Mexico City’s Metro de la Ciudad de Mexico. Right in front of his eyes was the train’s operator doing little more than sitting in the operator’s seat, just tending to his cyber crops while the car sped through the underground tunnel.

I couldn’t believe it when I got onto the train and saw this guy that was supposed to be driving playing FarmVille on his tablet,” Linares told the Croatian Times. “I grabbed my phone straightaway because I knew no one would believe me, and I wanted to make sure everybody realised how we were putting lives at risk with idiots like this.”

And in another example of the power of social media, the train driver met his consequences after the video was posted online. According to a statement by Mexico City’s Mexico City’s Sistema de Transporte Colectivo, the man was fired from his post.

We wish him and his crops the best.