Take A Look At How Stunning ‘Futurama’ Looks Rendered In 3D (Video)

“Futurama” is back. Well, kind of — but it is looking cooler than ever. In a 31-second video titled “Futurama 3D” (test shot) posted on Vimeo, super talented artist Alexey Zakharov created what he imagined the New New York would look like in the 31st century, and it’s pretty awesome, to say the least.

Zakharov took the time to even create what he imagined the Futurama Planet Express Ship would look like, and we’d love to take this puppy for a ride. No word yet on whether Fox has decided to nab the idea from Zakharov and put “Futurama 3D” into full production, but can we vote for a big ‘YES’ on this one?!

Futurama Planet Express ship from seccovan on Vimeo.