‘The Simpsons’-‘Family Guy’ Crossover Clip Will Make Your Day Better

Say what you will about the nerds at Comic-Con, but when they gather around their comic books once a year to put their oversize heads together, amazing things tend to happen! “The Simpsons”-“Family Guy” mashup is no exception. This fall, for the season premiere of “Family Guy,” the two archetypal idiot fathers will finally meet in one cartoon. A sneak peak was shown during a “Family Guy” panel at Comic-Con, and now everyone can see it.

In the hour long special to air September 28, the Griffins somehow end up in Springfield where they quickly pal up with “The Simpsons” based on their many similarities. Without revealing too much, the two power dads get themselves in a big old mess which surely results in nothing but premium hi-jinx. Pretty curious to see Peter take on Flanders…

“Simpsons Guy” is actually only the first of two crossovers for America’s favorite mustard colored family. Rumor has it they will also be mixing it up with the time traveling cast of “Futurama,” which should be pretty damn awesome as well!