This 77-Year-Old Grandma Is Also A Powerlifter (Video)

Willie Murphy is no ordinary 77-year-old grandma; she’s also no ordinary 77-year-old, period. In this video by Lauren Petracca for the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Murphy flexes her muscles and shells out some major inspiration for people of any age as she tells the story of her journey as a powerlifter.

That’s how I live my life… just trying to do my best every day,” says Murphy, explaining that when she entered into a track and field competition for seniors over the age of 50, she wanted to “have a little edge,” so she started weight training. Now, four years later, she’s a competitive powerlifter who can deadlift 215 pounds.

As Murphy points out, not a lot of older women are into powerlifting, so some people think she’s a little strange, but she’s very proud of what she can do — including shoveling her own snow and pushing her car when it gets stuck.