This Man Spent 3 Years Building An Awesome Train BBQ Smoker (Video)

Trains are a passion shared by many, but few people turn their passion into an actual miniature steam train, let alone one that smokes meat. In this video posted by Reddit user DrewCIL, you can behold the majesty of a smoker steam train for yourself, including its bell, whistle and hissing steam.

As DrewCIL writes on Reddit, her dad built the train almost entirely built from scratch over three years; apparently it makes neighborhood dogs go “ape shit” when the whistle blows. If you can watch this video without getting a big goofy grin as you watch a man climb inside the cab of a mini steam train/meat smoker and blow the whistle, there may be something wrong with your childlike sense of whimsy; you should probably eat some smoked meat or play with a toy train if you want to be cured.