This Video Of A Woman Surprising Her Stepdad With A Vintage Porsche Is Just What You Need To Start The Week

One woman just won the award for World’s Best Daughter, when she surprised her stepdad with a classic Porsche 914; just like the one he sold once to pay for his wedding.

After saving up money to restore his 1973 white Porsche 914, YouTuber and Californian Kristen Russell says her stepdad spent all his savings to marry her mom. He had to watch as his beloved vehicle was abandoned at a garage before it was gutted for parts.

In a heartwarming video Russell posted on YouTube, she documents her mission to give her stepdad, a man she says “has done absolutely anything he could” for her, the surprise of his life.

Backstory: my stepdad is awesome,” Russell says in the video. “My first memories of him are playing Barbies with me and reading to me. He coached every softball team I was on and came to every Karate tournament. He never had to do any of that.”

After saving up for a few years, Russell finds a near identical version of the original Porsche 914 and gives it a makeover before transporting it cross-country to her stepdad. His reaction and first words when he realizes the car is his? Truly priceless.

Whose is it?” He asks Russell before she reveals the big surprise. “Get the hell outta here!”