Two Miami Cops Are Caught On Video Throwing Punches At Each Other In Public

Two Miami Cops Are Caught On Video Throwing Punches At Each Other In Public

Two Miami cops were caught on tape last month throwing punches at a traffic stop light, and now they're facing the consequences.

The altercation happened on June 24 when an on-duty cop, Officer Marcel Jackson pulled over a speeding driver, reports WSVN.

Jackson asked to see the man's driver's license, not realizing that he was Lieutenant David Ramras, a Miami Internal Affairs Lieutenant, when he refused and the two began physically fighting. The entire incident was caught on tape from Jackson's personal camera and later posted online.

The fight was broken up when police officers in another car witnessed the incident and pulled over to intervene.

A blogger, Al Crespo, later discovered the video and posted it to YouTube, concerned about the integrity of the police officials and what would have happened if it had just been a regular civilian involved.

I got it, and I saw it, and I thought it was something that the public should see,” Crespo told WSVN. “If I had been stopped, and I had attempted to do what the police lieutenant did, I would have been arrested, I might even have been shot.”

City officials aren't all too pleased with the behavior of the Miami law enforcement officials, either, fully believing that justice should be served.

The sad thing is that people will be judging Miami's finest, the whole police force, because of those two cops hitting each other,” City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado says. “The Chief has a very tough decision to make, but hopefully those two will be reprimanded.”

Foram Mehta