Wife Beater Feels The Wrath Of Karma With Dose Of Street Justice (Video)

Wife Beater Feels The Wrath Of Karma With Dose Of Street Justice (Video)

Most people will vouch that karma exists, but rarely does anyone get to see it play out so quickly. One man in Jiangsu, China learned about the power of karma the hard way, when he got what was coming to him after beating his wife in public.

In a video originally posted to 56.com, an unidentified man is seen slapping, punching and kicking a woman, reportedly his wife, in the middle of a street. At one point, a bystander tries to help but is shoved away by the wifebeater, who continues brutally beating the woman. At one point, he pushes her upper body into a pickup truck so hard that she collapses on the ground from the force.

The man continues to berate and yell at the woman on the ground before finally pulling her up to her feet, seemingly ending his barbaric act. Almost immediately, though, he begins to yell at someone off-screen before a hoard of locals appears out of nowhere to — what else? — serve the shameless wifebeater a dose of his own medicine. At least 20 people show up in the name of karma to show this guy that like everything else in life, you've always got yours coming.

That's Karma-1, Wifebeater-0.

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