You Will Be Shocked And Disgusted To See What Happens When You Boil Coke (Video)

You Will Be Shocked And Disgusted To See What Happens When You Boil Coke (Video)

Do you know how much one gram of sugar is? How about about 65 grams? That's how much sugar is packed into a 20-ounce bottle of Coke: 65 grams of sugar. Some drinks like Fanta Orange and Mello-Yello contain upwards of 70 grams, but it sounds like a lot because health experts tell you it's a lot. If you could actually visualize the amount of sugar and other chemicals that are packed into a bottle of soda, you might be shocked (and disgusted) by what you see.

Luckily, one guy did just that. YouTube star CrazyRussianHacker has made it his mission to entertain and educate his 1.8 million subscribers by conducting “cool science experiments” on-camera to answer many of those “What if..?” questions we all have. In his latest video, appropriately titled “What Will Happen If You Boil Coke?” the amateur scientist set out to answer that question.

In the video, CrazyRussianHacker shows an unlabeled bottle of soda that he explains has about 55 grams of sugar. Although not officially marked, the bottle does have the signature red Coke bottle cap. After pouring the bottle of soda into a saucepan, he brings the drink to a boil to burn out all the water. What will be left, he explains, is the sugar and other ingredients.

And what's left is pretty disgusting. So now you know how much 50-60 grams of sugar going into your body really looks like.

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