10 Moms On Twitter You Should Follow

10 Moms On Twitter You Should Follow

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Mother’s Day honors the women who raised us, those who gave us life and the women who are always our No. 1 fans. Moms are a big demographic, and they’ve taken to the social media sphere in mass numbers, sharing their thoughts and interests with one another around the world. Wall Street Insanity highlights 10 moms on Twitter you should follow:

Wendy Aarons is a mother, humor writer and self-ascribed curmudgeon. Although she says she’s only tweeting to get Barry Manilow’s attention, she’s the co-creator of two blogs.

Robin O’Brant is a Southern girl and media addicts. The author of “Ketchup is a Vegetable and Other Lies Mothers Tell Themselves” tweets profound musings on motherhood.

Selfish Mom is a Brooklyn blogger who rarely takes life too seriously. Her sarcastic take on motherhood includes blunt observances most would be too afraid to tweet.

Laney Griner is a Florida mom who tweets her observations throughout the day. She attributes her “not safe for work” tweets to her love of bullying woodchucks.

Mother-of-two Suzanne Davis calls herself a “blogger, a baker, a cute baby maker.” In addition to tweeting updates on the ups and downs of motherhood, Davis talks about her boobs a lot.

Minneapolis mom Tracy Morrison juggles raising three girls with work as a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger. She’s also the co-producer of the Listen To Your Mother Show.

Aliza Sherman has been active in the social media movement since she started Cybergirl, Inc. back in 1990. She also founded Webgrrls International, the first women’s networking group on the Internet.

Kelly Oxford is a bestselling author of “Everything is Perfect When You’re A Liar,” as well as a screen writer. Her no-nonsense tweets make it hard to keep a straight face.

Jenna McCarthy’s tweets are hilarious. The author and mother was once chosen to do a TED talk.

McMommy is a 30-something blogger from Florida whose tweets are both thought-provoking and humorous. Her daily observations on pretty much any subject she thinks of are some of the funniest.


Samantha Lile