The 13 Best Coupon Apps You Need To Start Using In 2023

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Everybody loves to save a little money when they shop. For many, a few coupons can go a long way during tight times. For others, there’s the motivation to not be wasteful. Others just love the thrill of a good bargain!

Couponing is as popular as it’s ever been. But here’s the real game-changer: couponing has entered the online shopping and mobile shopping worlds. Today, with little more than your smartphone or tablet in hand, you can do your shopping, use coupons, and save money — without ever leaving your couch!

Whether you fit the stereotype of the coupon-obsessed shopper who sees couponing as a sport, or whether you’re just casually looking to save a couple bucks when you can, there are a handful of coupon apps you need to be using this year.

1. VOICED Market

Voiced Market

Voiced Market

If you want to find a really good deal, check out VOICED Market. The platform’s deals page features items that are priced at up to 95% off!

But that’s just the beginning. VOICED Market’s coupons page lists discounts on categories ranging from entertainment to food to clothing, and more. There’s also a freebies page that points you to plenty of free services, free trials, and bonuses.

At VOICED Market, there are tons of deals and coupons to keep track of; so subscribe to the VOICED Market newsletter and never miss on a big deal!

2. Drop

drop app


How would you like to wake up, save money on your morning coffee, save money at the grocery store, save money at lunch, save money on your commute home, and then save money on your dinner delivery?

Your day could look a lot like this with Drop, a coupon app that allows you to rack up points on everything from food to shopping to travel, and much more!

Join more than 3 million users who are making Drop savings part of their daily routine. Download the Drop app, link your credit and debit cards (fear not — it uses 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe), earn points, and then redeem those points for gift cards to some of your favorite stores and companies.

3. Rakuten



Rakuten is one of the best coupon apps out there, as it allows you to save money on everyday purchases with very little effort at all!

The company earns a commission whenever you use on of their links, and some of that is shared with you as cashback. Shop at over 2,500 popular retailers and restaurants, and save up to 40% on purchases.

Each quarter, you’ll be able to cash out on all of your earnings through “Big Fat Check” or PayPal.

Start using Rakuten today, download the app, and you’ll get a $10 bonus just for signing up!

4. Wikibuy

Wikibuy chrome extension


Want to make sure you’re getting great deals and discounts? When you install the Wikibuy browser extension, the entire shopping experience becomes a breeze.

Wikibuy constantly compares prices across platforms all over the web and lists their findings. Browse some of the top coupons, discounts, and deals in more than a dozen major categories. Wikibuy applies your coupons at checkout, so you never have to worry about hunting around for coupon codes.

But get this — Wikibuy also offers loyalty credits on purchases from top retailers. Collect points on featured offers and local offers alike, and redeem those points for gift cards to some of your favorite stores!

You can download the Wikibuy mobile app for convenience, but don’t forget to also install the Chrome browser extension!

Wikibuy compensates us when you sign up for Wikibuy using the links provided.

5. Rebaid



Do you do a lot of your shopping on Amazon? With Rebaid, you can get rebates up to 100% on Amazon products.

Yeah, you read that right. One hundred percent. Essentially, free. Browse Rebaid’s categories for the hottest deals, make purchases, and you’ll receive your rebates in as soon as three days.

So, what’s the catch? There is none. The only drawback is that stock is somewhat limited, so you’ll need to act fast to get the items you want. With that said, stock replenishes every day, so a killer deal is never too far away.

Sign up with Rebaid for free and start raking in the savings!

6. Swagbucks



With Swagbucks, you can browse deals, coupons, and promo codes at a host of different stores. But check this out — Swagbucks will even reward you with cashback for making these purchases!

Plus, you can earn rewards through the app by completing microtasks, such as filling out surveys and watching videos. These rewards are redeemable as gift cards or cold hard cash!

Get a $10 signup bonus today just for downloading the app and becoming a member!

7. Truebill

Truebill lower your bill


Sure, saving a few bucks on everyday purchases is nice. But what about the bills and subscriptions that eat away at your checking account balance each month?

While not your traditional coupon app, Truebill might as well be one. This app will help you dig up subscriptions you’ve forgotten about, so that you can cancel them or find cheaper alternatives. What’s more? Truebill can actually help you stop paying overs on many of your bills.

Cell phone bill too expensive? Ask Truebill to find a cheaper alternative. Cable bill not worth it? Truebill might be able to negotiate a lower rate!

Download the Truebill app and start saving on some of those monthly expenses!

8. InboxDollars



InboxDollars is home to hundreds of coupons across a wide range of categories, from groceries to home and beauty items, and so much more.

And that’s just coupons. With InboxDollars, you can earn real cashback for completing a variety of microtasks. Get paid to take surveys, watch videos, play games, shop, read emails, and browsing the web!

To date, InboxDollars has dished out over $59 million in cash rewards. Want a piece of that pie? If you download the InboxDollars app today, you’ll even get a $5 signup bonus!

9. Ibotta

ibotta Nike cash back


Want to get coupons and cashback on many of the items you buy every day? Check out Ibotta, a coupon app that offers deals on everything from groceries and dining to convenience and travel.

Ibotta offers three different ways for you to earn cash. You can link your store loyalty accounts for automatic savings, upload pictures of receipts, or use Pay with Ibotta to earn instant cashback.

Ibotta members have saved well over $600 million. To join the club, download the Ibotta app and get a $20 welcome bonus!

10. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards

Before you embark on your next grocery shop, check out Fetch Rewards. This company offers coupons, deals, and rewards on thousands of your favorite grocery brands.

And it’s easy to use! Just scan and upload your receipts after purchases to collect points. Every time you reach the 3,000 point mark, you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of awesome rewards.

What are you waiting for? Download the Fetch Rewards app and start saving big on your grocery bill!

11. Paribus

Paribus app


Have you ever seen an item go on sale right after you buy it? You probably figure there’s nothing you can do about it. But with Paribus, you can actually get money back for the items that drop in price.

Here’s how. Paribus keeps tabs on 25 of the biggest retailers, and the digital receipts that are sitting in your email inbox. Whenever the company suspects that an item has dropped in price, it’ll give you a credit for the difference between the two prices!

You can also get compensation for any items that are delivered late, as Paribus tracks deliveries for you. The company also keeps tabs on return dates, so you never miss out on a refund.

Go ahead and download the Paribus app and start getting the savings you deserve! The company has helped its members save more than $29 million in total.

12. MyPoints



As a MyPoints member, you’ll get coupon codes to over 2,000 major retailers and up to 40% back on your purchases! As soon as a purchase is reported, the points are added to your account.

But that’s not all. MyPoints doubles as a survey app, so you can rack up even more points by taking a few surveys in your down time.

Ready to cash out? Redeem your points as gift cards to your favorite stores or transfer your funds straight into your PayPal account.

Sign up for free and you’ll even get a $10 welcome bonus!

13. Cleo

Cleo app


Do you struggle to manage your finances well? You’re not alone. Fortunately, you can take back control of your budget with help from the Cleo app.

This isn’t a coupon app, per se, but it’s another great way to manage costs and reduce them as needed — much like a coupon app does. You can interact with this digital assistant to find out if you have money to spend, money to save, or money coming in!

And when you upgrade to Cleo Plus, you’ll be able to set up automatic rewards for your spending. Rack up points and transfer real cash right back into your bank account, where it belongs.

How cool is that? Download the Cleo app today for a fun way to get on top of your finances.

How Do Coupon Apps Work?

Coupon apps have a couple of things in common — they can help you save a little money and they work on your mobile device. Beyond that, they can differ quite a bit in how they work.

There are some coupon apps that give you cashback when you make a purchase. There are others that use a points system, allowing you to eventually redeem those points as gift cards or cash.

Some apps apply your coupon code or discount immediately, and some apps give you cash or credit after you’ve paid the full price for an item. It’s a good idea to check out a coupon app’s terms before you start using it. This way you’ll know what to expect!

Which Coupon Apps Save You the Most Money?

All of the coupon apps on this list have the potential to save you some decent money when you use them correctly. But some have better returns than others.

Many will offer a few percent off everyday items, while others offer discounts of 40% or more on certain products. If you use multiple coupon apps for your shopping, you’re likely to find some pretty significant savings opportunities!

Every Dollar Counts

Sure, saving a little money sounds fun, but is couponing really worth your time? Let’s face it — the money you save using coupons is unlikely to get you out of debt or pay off your entire mortgage, right?

Well, consider this. Perhaps you only save an average of five or ten bucks every time you shop. But multiply that by a half-dozen grocery bills each month, and you’re looking at five-figure savings across a few decades!

Because shopping is something we all do regularly, there are so many opportunities to save. Download a few of these best coupon apps and see just how impactful your savings can be!