Business Owners: Here’s How To Get A Free $300 In Advertising To Help You Get New Customers

Joe Yates on Unsplash

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Finding new customers is one of the greatest challenges of any business.

Today we’re living in an online world, it’s critical that you use the internet to advertise and find new customers.

But how?

For you, the answer might be Yelp which makes advertising easy. And, you could now grab this limited-time offer right here to get $300 in free Yelp ads when you sign up!

As one of the world’s largest online directories and review sites, Yelp connects millions of searching customers with local businesses every month. According to a Nielsen study, 74% of consumers who search for local businesses online turn to review sites.

That same study reported that 92% of Yelp users made a purchase after visiting the platform and that 79% of those sales were made within one week!



If your business isn’t already using Yelp to advertise, you should start now. As there are over 29 million different businesses listed on Yelp, your competitors might be winning customers that could just as easily have been yours. And guess what? It’s only because customers are finding them first.

People use Yelp to find just about every type of business imaginable, from restaurants to home services to dentists and everything in between.

And there’s a place on Yelp for your business, too.

Sign up with Yelp today, claim your $300 free Yelp ads, and start reaching new customers! It takes less than a minute to create your account.