120 Ways To Make Extra Money

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Everyone’s always looking for ways to make extra money, especially during tough economic times. A few extra dollars would make a world of difference for tons of people, if only they knew where to look.

The truth is that there are hundreds of legit ways to make extra money.

Down below, we’ve compiled a massive guide with 120 ways to make extra money. Whether you’re looking for a quick one-off gig or want to launch a long-term, full-blown business, you’ll find several options for making extra money on here.

Benefits of Making Extra Money

Few would deny that more money is beneficial, but here are several concrete reasons why you should look for a way to make extra money:

  • Reduce stress — Less reliance on your paycheck
  • Pay down debt faster
  • Achieve savings goals faster
  • Retire earlier
  • Have more fun money

Now that you’re fired up to make extra money, read on for our list of 120 legit ways to make extra money.

Easiest Ways to Make Extra Money

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Let’s look at some of the easiest ways you can make extra money.

1. Earn More Interest on Your Savings

One of the easiest ways to make extra money is to earn more interest on your savings account.

Online banks have some of the highest interest rates on the banking market; for example, CIT Bank pays one of the best interest rates on your savings, much higher than the 0.01% – 0.10% you’d earn in a normal savings account.

2. Rent Out a Room

Got a spare room in your house or apartment? List it on Airbnb. You can easily cover most of your mortgage or rent payments simply by offering your spare room to somebody else.

Frequent traveler? You could make even more by listing your whole house/apartment.

Of course, follow all local laws and, if you’re a renter, make sure you aren’t violating your lease agreement.

To learn how to maximize your Airbnb earnings, check out our guide to getting started on Airbnb.

3. Make Extra Money By Taking Surveys

Make extra money by sharing your opinions with survey sites. Many give you bonuses just for signing up, so sign up for as many as you can to maximize your earnings.


Survey Junkie rewards you with points for completing surveys. It scans your profile information to match you to surveys relevant to you so you can earn more points.

Even if you don’t qualify for a survey, you still earn a few points for starting it.

Points can be redeemed for PayPal credit or for free gift cards, your choice.

Learn more by reading out Survey Junkie review.


OneOpinion lets you take surveys and earn points through several methods:

  • Searching for surveys on their website
  • Sending you emails with links to relevant surveys
  • Downloading the mobile app to take mobile-exclusive surveys

Stick with OneOpinion long enough, and you can also test products that haven’t yet hit the market. Product testing can pay as much as 50,000 points ($50) per product.

Once you hit 25,000 points ($25), you can exchange your points for gift cards or for PayPal credit.

4. Walk Dogs

Who doesn’t like dogs? You can get paid to hang out with people’s dogs by signing up for Rover. You get to set up your profile, determine your own pricing, and let clients come to you.

To earn more, you can offer additional services like house sitting with the dog or doggy daycare services.

5. Grocery Shop for Others

With an increasingly busy lifestyle, people have less time to accomplish routine tasks like grocery shopping; as a result, you can step in and make money grocery shopping for others by working for a service like Instacart.

You’ll also be doing good work for the community, as some of your Instacart customers will be those who have difficulty leaving home, such as the elderly or people with disabilities.

6. Buy Real Estate (With Just $500)

Heard all the fuss about real estate but don’t have six figures to invest in your first property? Thanks to real estate crowdfunding platforms like Fundrise, you can buy shares of real estate property with as little as $500.

Fundrise claims that their site’s users earn an average of 8.7-12.4% annual returns on their investments. Not bad for how little money you’re risking.

7. Make Sure Your Credit Isn’t Costing You

Bad credit could be costing you hundreds of dollars per year in higher interest rates, as well as lost opportunities for the best cashback credit cards.

Use a credit service like Credit Sesame to monitor your score. Credit Sesame compiles your credit information into one convenient location; in addition, it teaches you more about your credit and recommends debt products based on your score.

The best part? Credit Sesame is free, and you can check it as much as you want without damaging your score.

8. Earn Cash Back By Shopping

Did you know you can earn money on your everyday purchases? Sign up for the following services to get rewarded for purchases you would’ve made anyway.


Rakuten is one of the best websites for cashback shopping. They offer varying cashback rates to nearly any retailer you can think of, and they supplement their online shopping cashback with plenty of in-store offers.

Rakuten will help you make your first “Big Fat Check” even bigger with their generous $10 signup bonus as well.


Want to earn additional cashback rewards automatically on top of your credit card cashback points? Drop, a cashback rewards mobile app, lets you link your credit cards or bank account and then earn cashback just by shopping at your favorite retailers.

When you’ve accumulated enough points, you can trade them in for your choice of gift cards to several major retailers.

Read our Drop review to learn more about getting started with this app.

9. Trade Stocks Commission Free.

Trading stocks is risky, but could be rewarding.

Unlike other investing platforms, M1 Finance will never charge commissions or markups on any trades.

You can build a portfoilio of stocks and ETFs for free. That’s not all, with M1 Finance you can also borrow money and get a free FDIC insured checking account.

10. Rent Out Your Car When You’re Not Using It

You can list your vehicle for rent on Getaround to make some extra cash when you aren’t driving it. It’s like Airbnb, but for cars: you get to choose your rental rates, select your vehicle’s availability, and Getaround will cover your vehicle with $1 million liability coverage.

Getaround has an earnings calculator right on their site, so check and see how much extra money you can make when you aren’t driving your car.

11. Borrow Money to Make Money

Though obviously not advisable as a long-term money-making strategy, taking out a personal loan can carry you through the next month or two if you find yourself in a pinch.

But that’s just one way you can use a personal loan. You can also use personal loans to start a business or invest the money; if you can earn a higher rate of return than your interest rate, you’ll be making money.

Or perhaps you’re in credit card debt, which tends to be high-interest. By taking out a personal loan to pay off that debt (called refinancing), you’ll cut down on your interest payments and put more money back into your pocket.

Credible and Fiona are two top personal loan companies:


Collecting several loan offers can take hours. Let Credible do the work for you!

Simply fill out their form with your information, and within 2 minutes, they’ll gather prequalified loan offers from up to 10 lenders based on the information you provided to Credible.

You can then compare all your offers in one screen.

Credible even has a best rate guarantee where they will hand you $200 if you can find a better rate elsewhere.


Fiona pulls together top loan offers from all over the net for you. They claim that the whole process, from filling in your information to being presented with loan offers, takes no longer than 60 seconds.

12. Earn Extra Money by Browsing the Web

We’ve come so far that you can now earn a few bucks doing nothing but browsing the web.

Earning extra money through your web browsing habits with Nielsen Panel is simple: once you create an account, just download the app on all your internet-browsing devices and go about your web surfing business.

They’ll also enter you into their sweepstakes when you download their app.

The more devices you install their app on and the longer you stick with Nielsen, the more entries you earn and the more money you can make.

13. Get Paid to Watch Videos

Download these apps if you want to get paid to lounge around and watch videos on your phone or computer.


Swagbucks lets you watch short videos on a wide range of topics in order to earn points, aptly called Swagbucks. Video topics include current events, food, entertainment, fashion, and more.

For more information, read our full Swagbucks review.


On InboxDollars, you can rack up points for watching videos and other sponsored content.

Since they have a smartphone app, you can take it on the go — watch and earn during your commute, while out for a walk, during your lunch break, the list goes on.

14. Start a Blog

Blogging can start as a fun little side hustle, or you can turn it into a full-blown business; it depends on your goals and your work ethic.

Whichever way you choose, the key to succeeding is working on your blog consistently.

To start blogging, you’ll need some web hosting. Lucky for you, Bluehost offers web hosting for only $3.95 a month. They also throw in one free domain name for you with your hosting. Plus, their one-click WordPress install makes it possible to launch your own blog as soon as today.

Need some help getting started? Check out our guide on how to start a blog for tips to get your blog up and running.

15. Start an Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce sales reached nearly $3.5 trillion in 2019, and it’s growing every day. You can get it in on some of this cash by launching your own ecommerce store.

To launch your own ecommerce venture, you’ll need to sign up for an ecommerce platform. Shopify gives you a 14-day free trial where you can build out your entire store, so there’s no risk.

Check out our guide to starting a Shopify store to learn more.

16. Invest in Multifamily Apartment Buildings

The average person doesn’t have enough money to invest in multifamily apartment buildings, but that’s where DiversyFund comes in.

DiversyFund purchases multifamily apartment buildings that are already generating revenue from rents but are in need of improvements. The fund then renovates the units to increase cash flow.

Anyone with $500 can invest with DiversyFund. It claims to have annualized returns of 18% for 2017, and 17.3% for 2018.

17. Negotiate Your Bills

Negotiating your bills puts money back into your pocket. It takes time, though, and some people are afraid of hearing “no” or simply don’t know how to negotiate their bills successfully.

Some bills can be canceled. For example, there now exist so many alternatives to cable TV that you don’t really need a cable subscription anymore to watch your favorite shows.

But if you still want to keep your cable subscription, get Truebill. Truebill is a personal finance chatbot that can skillfully negotiate with your cable, internet, and cell service providers to save you money on each bill.

Truebill can also help you monitor, negotiate, and cancel other subscriptions. They will even earn you refunds and credits for cable, internet, and cell service outages!

18. Earn Money Back From Your Grocery Receipts

You have to go grocery shopping, so why not earn some cash while you’re at it? Ibotta is a shopping rewards app that will pay you cashback for your grocery receipts.

Just select the offers you want in-app, shop for your groceries, then snap a picture of your receipt and send it to Ibotta to redeem your offers.

In terms of offer types, most Ibotta offers are specific only to an item. Some get more specific, such as requiring a certain brand of an item. Occasionally, there are offers that reward you for buying any items of any brand.

For more details, you’ll want to read our Ibotta review.

19. Use Your to Make Money

How would you like to earn coupons, deals, and rewards every time you shop? With Fetch Rewards, you can. And it’s easy!

After making purchases, all you have to do is scan and upload your receipts to start racking up points. Do this enough times and you’ll reach 3,000 points — at which point you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of killer rewards.

20. Deliver Food

Nowadays, you don’t need to work set hours for a pizza joint to make money delivering foods. Just sign up for a service like DoorDash. You can set your own hours, earn good money, and you may even discover a great spot to grab your next meal.

21. Deliver Just About Anything

Postmates took the food delivery service idea and expanded it to other items. You can deliver anything, from food to household goods to office supplies and more.

Because of the variety of items Postmates customers may order, you’ll never be short on work.

22. Refinance Your Student Loans and Immediately Put Cash Back Into Your Pocket (& Get a $300 Bonus)

Refinancing your student loans is simply the process of replacing your existing student loans with a lower interest loan. Refinancing your student loans may also let you change your repayment terms and lower your monthly payment. The process is free and extremely straight forward, and a small interest rate change can save you thousands of dollars.

Your own interest rate will be determined by several factors such as credit score, income, the amount you’re refinancing, and the length of the refinancing loan term. If you have better credit or a better income than when you first took out a student loan, it’s likely that refinancing will benefit you.

Online student loan marketplace Credible will return you prequalified refinancing options from up to 10 lenders in just two minutes.

Credible is so confident in the rates you’ll find with them,  it offers a best rate guarantee, that will give you $200 if you find a better rate elsewhere (terms apply).

Wall Street Insanity readers who refinance at least $50,000 in student loans will also get a $300 bonus through this link.

23. Get a Cashback Credit Card

Cashback credit cards reward you in points (each point is generally worth $0.01) for the purchases you already make; points that can then be redeemed for things like free gift cards, travel, or plain old cash.

Some cards also pay out signup bonuses if you spend enough within a specified time period of opening the card.

24. Rent Your Extra Storage Space

Got extra space around your house? What about an unused shed? Yes, you can monetize your extra space. Seriously.

Make an account on Neighbor, list your garage space, barn space, or even closet space, and earn some side money. It’s that easy.

25. Trade Cryptocurrency

Just because the crypto hype died down after the Bitcoin craze doesn’t mean cryptocurrency is dead. It’s being used for more regular transactions every day, so why not earn some extra money off it?

Coinbase is a beginner-friendly place to start. When you sign up, they’ll hand you $10 for purchasing $100 worth of Bitcoin, then $10 more for each friend you invite to join Coinbase.

A word of caution: cryptocurrency investing is extremely risky. Don’t invest any money that you aren’t 100% willing to lose.

26. Invest in Single-Family Rental Properties

Everyone needs a place to live, that’s what makes rental properties an attractive investment. It can provide stable cash flows even through economic cycles.

Roofstock makes investing in single-family rental properties incredible simply. It offers a unique 30-day money-back guarantee, and guaranteed rent on vacant properties.

Roofstock has more than $2 billion in completed single-family rental transactions in less than four years.

27. Get Paid to Save Energy

Arcadia Power is a company that will pay you to help out the planet. Connect your utility account to Arcadia Power, and in less than two minutes you could be accessing cleaner energy sources and saving money on your power bill!

What’s more? You can pay your utility bill through the company with $0 transaction fees, allowing you to potentially earn cashback rewards while saving on your bill.

If you live in California or Texas, OhmConnect is another company that will pay you for cutting your energy usage during “peak” hours (usually weeknights), aka when energy demand is at its highest throughout the day.

28. Find Full-Time or Part-Time Remote Work with Flexjobs

Working from home is all the rage. You too can get in on the work-from-home revolution by finding a job using FlexJobs.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time side job or you want to replace you 9-5 with full-time remote work, FlexJobs has an opportunity for you.

Make Extra Money Off Stuff You Already Own

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Everything you own has a value you attached to it. Monetize what you own to make some extra money.

29. Sell Electronics

Everyone has that drawer full of their old electronics. Clean that drawer out and sell old smartphones and tablets on Gazelle. They’ll get you an offer for your devices in less than a minute; should you accept, they’ll cover your shipping costs.

Payment comes in your choice of gift cards, PayPal credit, or check.

30. Sell Clothing

Little do you know, you’ve got plenty of extra cash sitting in your closet. Make room in your budget and your closet for a new wardrobe by selling your old threads on thredUP.

Another option you have is Poshmark. They have a massive audience, so finding a buyer should be quite easy.

31. Sell Furniture

Don’t throw that couch in the furniture just yet — somebody out there will pay you a fair price for it. List your old furniture on Craigslist, the Facebook Marketplace, and similar classifieds sites and earn some money off it.

Feeling entrepreneurial? You could turn furniture selling into a business by finding free furniture and flipping it for cash.

32. Sell Books

Books are another good item to sell. Clear off your bookshelf of tomes you no longer read and sell them on Amazon, eBay, or a site like Bookfinder to make the most possible money.

33. Sell Unused Gift Cards

Everyone gets gift cards they never use. Instead of asking a family member to trade you cash for it, hop on the discounted gift card marketplace Cardpool and sell it.

It’s completely free to join Cardpool, and you might even find a discounted gift card on there that you want.

34. Rent Out Baby Gear

Has your child grown out of their baby gear? You can start a side hustle renting it out to other families that need it.

Check out BabyQuip. They can connect you with families in need of baby gear so you can build your own baby gear rental hustle.

35. Sell Video Game Accounts

Remember those old video game accounts you abandoned years ago? They could be worth a lot if you sell them on a video game account marketplace like PlayerAuctions, especially if you have rare or exclusive in-game items that can no longer be obtained.

36. Earn Money With Your Drone

If you’re a drone enthusiast, plenty of companies want to hire you for tasks like

  • Real estate photography/videography
  • Land mapping
  • Aerial inspection
  • Marketing materials

Since drone tech is still in its infancy, companies are discovering new ways to leverage this technology, so keep your eye out for interesting drone gigs.

Alternatively, you can also start your own YouTube channel and monetize it with videos shot from your drone and/or other drone-related content.

37. Rent Out Your RV

Peer-to-peer vehicle lending might’ve started with cars, but thanks to RVShare, you can now easily rent out your RV for extra cash when you aren’t using it.

Like car-sharing services, you get to create your listing and set your own rates/availability. RVShare claims you can earn up to $22,000 per year on their platform. That could pay off a good chunk of your RV!

38. Sell Your Stuff at a Yard Sale

The classic yard sale never fails as a method to declutter and pocket some extra money. Set a date, make some signs, tell your friends and neighbors about it, and post about it on your social media.

In addition, you can list some items on Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace to expand your yard sale’s reach.

39. Sell College Notes

Oh, the struggles of being a broke college student. Fortunately, you can earn a good chunk of change while helping your fellow students out by selling your notes online.

In fact, you can turn your notes into a passive income stream on Nexus Notes. Once your notes are approved, your notes sell for $35 per copy, and you get to keep half of that ($17.50 per copy of your notes).

Course Hero, a similar site, doesn’t pay you for notes; instead, you can share your notes in exchange for free access to their full site. Quite useful if you’re looking for free additional study materials.

40. Pawn Your Stuff

At pawn shops, you can either sell your item outright or pawn it, meaning you put it down as collateral for a pawn shop loan.

You won’t get the best price for your items right away, though, so be prepared to negotiate; also, be prepared to find a different pawn shop if you didn’t get the offer you wanted.

Now, pawn shops have an unfortunate stigma of being dark and dirty, and some are. Still, most aren’t. Check out our guide to finding the best pawn shops in your area.

Make Extra Money Online

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The digital age is still in its infancy, so you still have plenty of opportunities to make extra money online.

41. Buy and Flip Items Online

Buying items and flipping them online is one of the most inexpensive online business models, but you can make some serious cash doing this.

eBay is a good place with plenty of buyers, but they do charge fees. If you’re looking for a fee-free online selling location, Craigslist is right up your alley.

But if you’re concerned about Craiglist in any way, there are tons of sites like Craigslist on the internet that operate in a similar fashion.

42. Print-On-Demand Business

Ever dreamed of owning an apparel business? On Teespring, you can launch your very own print-on-demand t-shirt business.

You get to pick the t-shirt design, while Teespring handles printing and shipping the shirts.
Market those shirts well with Facebook ads and you’ll have your own little apparel company.

43. Start a YouTube Channel

We won’t lie: making the big bucks on YouTube isn’t easy. Some YouTubers make millions of dollars a year, but many only earn a few dollars.

It’s possible, though. The keys are consistency and building a fanbase. Upload videos regularly, market your channel and cultivate a rabid following. If you can get accepted into YouTube’s Partnership Program, then you’ll start making some money off your videos.

44. Sell on Etsy

Do you have a unique blend of artsy creativity and entrepreneurial drive? You could make a killing on Etsy.

At first, you’ll only make a few sales; but keep at it, and you’ll have more customers than you can handle.

45. Start a Podcast

Podcasting is huge now, as people seek out ways to learn or be entertained while multi-tasking. If you aren’t a great writer but have great ideas, a podcast could be your big money maker.

Like a blog, growing the podcast takes time and consistent effort. Work at it, though, and you could land lucrative sponsorship deals.

46. Become an Instagram Influencer

Got a lot of Instagram followers? Do they follow you for a certain type of lifestyle? Turn your followers into dollars as an influencer on Instagram.

See, companies will pay you good money to promote their products in your Insta pictures because each of your followers could turn into one of their customers.

Plus, you get their products for free.

47. Buy and Sell Existing Websites

Websites are like digital real estate: you can hold them for income, or you can buy and sell them like you’re flipping houses.

The latter can start earning you money quickly; check out Flippa and you’ll see some website selling for thousands of dollars.

48. Buy and Sell Domain Names

If websites are digital real estate properties, then domain names are the land on which they’re built. Buying domain names that could become relevant in some way could pay off in the future.

You can buy domain names from GoDaddy for as little as $4.99 for the first year. If you’re smart about it, spending just $20 on well-picked domain names can earn you thousands in the future.

49. Become an Online Personal Trainer

Many people are too busy to visit a gym for a personal training session. If you’re already a personal trainer, you could pivot to online personal training.

Not only can you scale your personal training business this way, but you’ll be able to work right from home if you want.

50. Manage Social Media for Businesses

Social media is one of those tasks that businesses simply don’t have time for or don’t know how to use effectively. If you’re savvy with social media, launch your own social media management business.

As for finding clients, check out freelance marketplaces. Also, you could reach out to local businesses and see if they need someone to handle their social media.

51. Manage Facebook Ads for Businesses

Plunge deeper into your social media side hustle by learning how to manage Facebook Ads for businesses. If you can bring in profits for your clients, they will reward you handsomely.

52. Become an Online Notary

Becoming a notary is pretty cheap in most states, and many states don’t require an exam. Once you become a notary, you can then charge as much as you want.

Plus, as an online notary, you won’t have to go anywhere.

53. Test Websites

Businesses need fast, responsive, and good-looking websites to remain competitive; many businesses pay people like you to test their websites, performing simple tasks like navigating the website, clicking on links, and expressing your opinion about the design.

Check out User Testing. They pay you $10 via for each 20 website test you perform for one of their clients.

Acquire New Skills or Use Existing Ones to Make Extra Money

person studying with laptop computer

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Chances are you have a valuable skill that someone will pay you for. If for some reason you think you don’t, you can always learn a new skill to make extra money.

54. Create an Online Course

Are you knowledgeable about and/or experienced in something? Turn your expertise into an online course and sell it.

This has become a very popular online business model in recent years because of the passive profit potential.

There are few expenses involved, and the only work you need to do post-launch is to refresh the course and add content as necessary.

Teachable is a very popular platform for building online courses. You could also sell your course on online education platforms like Coursera or Udemy.

55. Write an eBook

Writing an eBook, publishing it on Amazon, and bringing in some cash is easier than it sounds.

You don’t have to be the next great novelist: you can write short fiction or nonfiction eBooks on whatever you want.

If you go for nonfiction, make sure its something you’re knowledgeable about, though.

56. Become a Graphic Designer

Companies need graphic designers to create attractive visuals for their marketing materials, and they look to graphic designers to do so. If you consider yourself an artist, becoming a graphic designer is a good side hustle idea for you.

The California Institute of Arts has an excellent, beginner-friendly graphic design course on Coursera that you can check out.

57. Become a UX/UI Designer

Got an eye for appealing design? Or perhaps you’re a stickler for intuitiveness when you’re using apps and websites? If the former describes you, consider becoming a UI (User Interface) designer. As for the latter, UX (User Experience) would be a better field to go into.

UI designers are focused on the look of the website/app, ensuring it’s pleasing to the eye. UX designers care more about if the website/app makes sense and is easy to navigate.

You can learn the basics of both UX and UI by taking this course from the California Insitute of Art.

58. Develop Websites

Web developers are in high demand, as every business and even individuals need functional websites these days.

Now, web developers are on the more technical side of websites. There’s a lot of code and other technical stuff you’ll have to learn, so you’ll once again want to check out a resource like Coursera to find an online web development course.

Once you hone your skills, finding clients that pay well won’t be hard.

Here’s a course from the University of Michigan that you can take to learn some web development basics.

59. Build an App

Apps are hot. You will need some coding knowledge and technical skills to build your own, but the payoff is huge if your app is a hit.

Your app doesn’t even have to cost money — you can monetize through placing ads in the app and creating in-app purchases.

Want to learn to code for free? Check out Codeacademy for tons of free coding resources.

60. Become a Real Estate Broker

Working part-time as a real estate broker pays quite well, but both becoming one and then working as one isn’t a walk in the park. You have to take some coursework and pass licensure exams, then become sponsored by a real estate broker.

If you can get through all that and manage your time well, being a broker will net you a pretty penny.

61. Become an Appraiser

Like becoming a real estate broker, becoming an appraiser won’t happen overnight. You need to complete a lot of training, pass an exam, and work under the supervision of a licensed appraiser for awhile.

But when you finally make it, the earnings are pretty good. In fact, you could turn it into a full-time career and earn more if you enjoy the work.

62. Tutor People

Many students are willing to pay tutors good money if it means they’ll get better grades. Nowadays, there are plenty of services that connect you with students online, so you can tutor without leaving home.

Chegg, for example, pays its tutors an amazing $20 per hour; on top of that, you get to decide how many hours you want to work and when you work those hours.

63. Teach English Online

English is the global language of business, and so teaching English online to students around the world id a viable side hustle.

China is a very large market for English teachers. VIPKid pays its teachers up to $22 an hour to tutor Chinese students. You don’t even have to develop the curricula, either; VIPKid hands you the lessons, and you just teach.

64. Become a Translator

Yet another way to leverage language for extra cash would be to become a translator. Obviously, you can’t succeed if you don’t know at least two languages, though.

If you aren’t already at least bilingual, Babbel offers several of the most in-demand languages.

Once you feel competent enough to translate effectively, freelance marketplaces like Upwork have a constant stream of translation gigs waiting for you to apply.

65. Become a Substitute Teacher

Contrary to popular belief, substitute teaching isn’t just walking into a classroom, putting on a movie, and zoning out (although some days will be like that). You’ll have to do everything the normal teacher would do.

That being said, substitute teachers can make pretty good money.

It’s easier than you think to get into, too: several states don’t require you to have an education background beyond a high school diploma or a GED

66. Become a Freelance Writer

Companies are always in need of fresh content, yet they don’t always have the time to do so, leaving you plenty of opportunities to make extra money as a freelance writer.

Check out Upwork to find some easy introductory gigs or ProBlogger if you want a little more challenge. If you think you’re ready for the big leagues, pitch your writing services directly to companies you want to write for.

67. Proofread People’s Writing

If writing the actual content isn’t for you, consider becoming a proofreader instead. You can still get in on the sea of content opportunities without having to sit down and write pieces from scratch.

Yup, you can actually earn money by proofreading others’ work. Sounds like a pretty easy job, huh?

Well, it just got even easier.

At Proofread Anywhere, you can get access to an exclusive, 76-minute workshop that will teach you everything you could want to know about running your own proofreading business — from proofreading to launching your business in 30 days or less to finding work and more!

68. Become a Virtual Assistant

Online business owners reach a point where they need to outsource miscellaneous tasks to someone else. As a virtual assistant, you could offer services like

  • Data entry
  • Email marketing
  • Calendar management
  • Blog writing
  • Customer service

69. Become a Bookkeeper

Few business owners enjoy doing their bookkeeping, but it’s necessary to run a business. By becoming a bookkeeper, you can help small businesses all over the world keep their books so they can focus on growing their business.

This is a great gig for accounting students and graduates, but you can land bookkeeping gigs with less than a 4-year degree.

Want to learn bookkeeping for free?

Right now, you can claim your free spot to three exclusive classes at Bookkeepers.com.

During this crash course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the skill, so that you can get your own successful bookkeeping business up and running in no time!

How does working from home and being your own boss sound?

70. Plan Weddings

Getting a wedding planning hustle isn’t as hard as it sounds. Your first client could be a friend or family member who’s getting married.

If you plan a successful wedding, use your results to market yourself to other happy couples; soon enough, you’ll be in business. Given that weddings are expensive events, this could be a great side job.

71. Transcribe Audio and Video Interviews

Transcription may not sound like the most exciting work, but it’s so easy to make money with it. Fortunately, there exist websites like Rev that can funnel work to you whenever you want to make some extra money.

Transcribe Anywhere is even offering a 7-lesson mini-course called Transcription Foundation. Sign up and you’ll be able to learn how to become a professional transcriptionist!

This course is not only loaded with essential information but also plenty of handy tips on how to find work and earn more money!

72. Referee Sports Games

Refereeing sports games is a fun way for sports enthusiasts to make some extra cash. The higher the age of the athletes, the more money you’ll make as a referee.

You’ll get plenty of exercise, too.

Wear a thick skin, though: some especially enthusiastic parents might get loud if you call a penalty on their little athlete.

73. Represent Your Favorite Brands as a Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassador jobs are great for people who are passionate about certain brands and lifestyles. You get to represent brands you like, put some great experience on your resume, and get paid for it all.

Anyone can be a brand ambassador, but these positions are especially great jobs for college students.

74. Complete Micro Gigs

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a platform where companies outsource small tasks to regular people. You might get paid to

  • Enter data
  • Write product descriptions
  • Identify objects in photos or video
  • Perform research

and many other micro gigs.

75. Evaluate Search Engines

Search engines are great, but not perfect at displaying results.

If you become a search engine evaluator to pocket some more money, you’ll be performing specific searches on various search enginers and providing feedback on the relevancy and usefulness of the results.

You can land these jobs through various search engine evaluator agencies such as Appen.

Google hires several search engine evaluators as well, although they do it through external employment agencies.

76. Answer Questions Online

If you’re a professional in some field, answering questions on JustAnswer makes for a great secondary stream of income. Plus, answering questions for others will help you keep your industry knowledge and professional skills sharp.

77. Coach Somebody in Something

Coaching is an excellent earning opportunity if you have experience in basically any area and want to help others grow in that area.

Landing coaching clients can be especially tough starting out; to kickstart your coaching business, consider becoming a coach at Coach.me. They do all they can to bring clients your way.

78. Use Your Knowledge/Experience to Consult With Businesses

Consulting can be a part-time gig, or you can turn it into a full-time business if you enjoy it.

As long as you’re skilled or have expertise in an area that is important to business (such as marketing or tech), hang your own shingles as a consultant and start targetting local businesses.

79. Take and Sell Photos

No need to be a professional photographer to take and sell photos for money. Shutterstock, Getty Images, and similar stock image sites pay you royalties for your stock photography if it’s good enough.

Build up a large enough portfolio and you’ll have a nifty passive income stream.

80. Bartend

Bartending is a great side hustle because the most lucrative time of the day is at night, aka after your job.

If you’re in a college town or a city with a thriving nightlife scene, one or two shifts a week could put a lot of money into your pocket.

81. Sell Your Art

You don’t need to be the next Picasso to make some cash off your artwork. In fact, you can convert your art into passive income by making an account on Society6 and uploading your work.

They’ll print your work on whatever products people order (wall art, home decor, apparel, etc.), sort of like a print-on-demand business.

82. DJ for Special Events

DJs are needed for tons of events and venues: bars, parties, weddings, clubs, corporate events, store events, the list goes on.

Succeeding as a DJ involves tailoring your tunes to the audience and event — house party attendees will likely want a different sound than the employees attending their company Christmas party. If you can do that successfully, this can be a fun way to earn side cash.

83. Provide In-Home Help for the Disabled

This hustle requires you to be a compassionate, caring, and patient individual. However, beyond just making extra money, you’ll feel a warm sense of satisfaction for helping those who need it.

84. Grow and Sell Produce

If you live out in the country, you may have plenty of space to grow produce in a garden or even raise some livestock. You can then bring your produce, meat, and eggs to a local farmer’s market.

Do check with local laws about selling food. Make sure you get any proper documentation such as permits or licenses for doing so.

85. Provide Handyman Services

Do you enjoy DIY-ing various projects in your home? A lot of people hate doing so.

Advertise your handyman services to others.

Be careful about the projects you take on, though; more complicated handyman projects might require you to be a licensed contractor and acquire insurance in case your repair causes damage or harm.

86. Negotiate a Raise at Work

Want to boost your income fast? Start at the source by asking for a raise.

To maximize your chances of securing a raise, you’ll want to bring hard data showing how you’re an asset to the company.

Now, asking for a raise can be scary, but the worst you’ll get is a “no”. You have nothing to lose.

87. Sell Baked Goods

If you enjoy whipping up tasty baked treats, host a bake sale and inform your friends and neighbors. If your baked goods are a hit, consider expanding your business to selling baked goods online as well.

Like other business involving foods, make sure you’re following all applicable laws.

88. Crowdfund Your Idea

Have skills and knowledge to build a product people will love, but you don’t have the startup capital? Crowdfund it using a site such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Much easier than trying to persuade investors to back your startup.

Make Extra Money Doing Things That Require Little to No Skill

man mowing lawn

Lisa Fotios on Pexels

No time, money, or motivation to learn a new skill? No worries, you’ve still got several options for earning some extra cash.

89. House Sit

It’s as simple as it sounds: watch someone’s house while they’re away on business, vacation, etc. If you can line up a steady stream of house-sitting gigs, you can live rent-free in other people’s homes while making money!

90. Sell Your Plasma

Various parts of your body are in high demand, especially plasma. Assuming you pass the requirements, you can make between $20 and $50 every time you donate plasma.

It’s a great way to get paid while helping to save lives. You get free cookies, too.

91. Recycle Items

What if you could help the environment and squeeze some extra cash from your trash? Many common items that end up in the trash can actually be exchanged for money via recycling.

Aluminum is an especially hot item to recycle. Keep a garbage bag for your empties, because you could earn up to $150 per week recycling aluminum cans!

92. Sell Breast Milk

Many doctors recommend babies consume breast milk rather than formula. Breast milk banks exist for those parents who are unable to get breast milk for any reason.

If you’re a healthy mom who produces more than you need, you can sell it either in-person to a breast milk bank or online on Only The Breast.

93. Become a Mystery Shopper

As a mystery shopper, you’ll be tasked by corporate with visiting their business “undercover” as a regular shopper, purchasing a certain item or making a certain transaction, then submit your feedback to corporate so they can improve their operations.

If you enjoy shopping and sharing your opinion, mystery shopping will be a fun side gig for you.

94. Wash/Detail Cars

Washing cars involves just washing and waxing the exterior (which takes less time but earns less money), while detailing involves deep cleaning the car and helping to maintain a “new car” look (which is more time-intensive but pays more).

The great thing is you can commit as much time to this business as you want. Plus, you can score recurring clients if you do well.

95. Perform Lawn Work

A classic business model for kids, lawn work can be a fun way to get outdoors and make some extra money. If you live in a populous neighborhood with large lawns, your earnings will be quite nice.

You’ll likely have to provide the equipment (lawnmower, fertilizer, etc.), so be prepared to buy those if necessary.

96. Deliver the Newspaper

The old paper route is a tried and true method to make some extra money.

The cheapest way to deliver the newspaper for pay is to do it by bike; you’ll also get a nice workout and some fresh air every morning.

Some employers may require that you have a car, though.

Either way, call up your local newspaper and see if they need some delivery help.

97. Babysit

Babysitting requires more skill and care than house sitting or dog sitting since you’re watching a human being, but the pay is typically better as well.

You can start with family, friends, and neighbors; to find more babysitting clients in your city, check out Care.com.

98. Recharge Electric Scooters

Have you seen those Bird or Lime electric scooters around your city? You can make a few extra bucks just by charging them up. Both of these companies average $3 to $5 per scooter, but some have earned up to $20 per scooter on Bird.

99. Review Music

Music snobs rejoice, for you can get paid for listening to music clips and your sharing your opinions on them on Slicethepie. Most of the music you’ll be listening to will be from newer artists, so you may actually play a part in making the next big artist, the next big artist!

The more time you spend on Slicethepie and the better your ranking, the more you’ll be paid. You can cash out your earnings once you reach $10.

100. Place Ads on Your Car

If you’re comfortable being a mobile billboard, several companies will pay you to put ads on your car.

This can turn into a nifty passive income stream: depending on your location and how much you drive, you can earn a few hundred dollars a month.

101. Turn Junk Mail Into Cash

Stop! Don’t throw that junk mail away, and don’t delete that junk email, either.

The Small Business Knowledge Center will reward you points for each piece of junk mail/email that you send them; these points can be redeemed for prepaid Visa gift cards that can be used nearly anywhere.

102. Become a Rent-a-Friend

Some people crave strictly platonic company and will pay well for it. RentAFriend claims that you can earn up to $50 per hour on their site by hanging out with your clients — you might go see movies, head to a party, grab a bite to eat, or even just sit around and talk.

Of course, the aforementioned activities are all free for you.

At the end of it, your client may even become a real friend, too.

103. Find Missing Money in Your Name

Whether it’s an old bank account, a forgotten insurance policy, unclaimed back wages, or something else, the government may be holding onto missing money or property that is rightfully yours.

There are several places online you can go to check for missing money in your name. Read this article from USA.gov for more information on getting that cash into your hands.

104. Become a Local Tour Guide

Passionate about your local area? Enjoy meeting people from all over? Become a local tour guide.

Showcase what makes your town or city so great to other people, make money, and have some fun while you’re doing it.

105. Enter Online Contests/Sweepstakes

The odds of winning giant online sweepstakes aren’t large, but they take next to no effort to enter. You’re more likely to win smaller prizes from smaller sweepstakes.

Believe it or not, there’s an online directory for sweepstakes.

106. Wait in Line For Other People

Whether it’s putting a deposit down for a Tesla, buying the new iPhone, or grabbing the best Black Friday deals… people will wait in line for hours or days for the release of this stuff.

Some have the luxury of paying people to wait in line for them, and you can be one of these “line-sitters” if you’re willing to brave the elements and the crowds.

107. Do Odd Jobs for People

Everyone needs a helping hand now and then. Start with asking around your neighborhood, then hop on Craigslist and see what kind of odd jobs people need you to get done around town.

Taskrabbit is another good app to check out if you’re looking to do some odd jobs.

108. Shovel Snow

The winter version of lawn care. However, to make more money, try to line up a few clients beforehand. Wait for a heavy snowfall forecast, then make your neighbors aware of your snow shoveling services.

109. Clean Houses

Yeah, cleaning houses isn’t fun. But that’s what makes it such a great opportunity to make extra money.

To increase your earnings, charge customers a premium for using your own supplies. In addition, you could turn this into a full-blown cleaning service and hire others if you want to handle more clients.

110. Clean Pools

In the summer, you could clean people’s backyard pools to earn some extra cash. Pools aren’t cheap, meaning your main clientele will be paying you a pretty good rate for a side hustle that gets you out in the sun.

111. Start a Litter Pickup Business

It’s a shame that people litter, but that opens up a business opportunity for you.

Many local businesses will pay you for a good sum to pick up trash in order to keep their premises clean and appealing.

Some people have turned this extremely simple side hustle idea into a multi-six figure business.

112. Participate in Clinical Trials

If you don’t mind being a human guinea pig, you can make surprisingly good money participating in clinical trials. You also get to feel good about the fact that you’re helping to advance science.

Check out Clinicaltrials.gov for more information about participating in a clinical study.

113. Sell Your Hair

Again, several parts of your body are quite valuable. That includes your hair.

Now, the amount you’ll get for your hair depends on length, color, thickness, and if it’s been treated with anything (dyes, perms, etc.).

To get an estimate of your hair’s value, check out this hair price calculator.

114. Paint

Painting entire houses will make you the most money, but it’s the most difficult. You can niche down to just painting doors or walls if you aren’t a fan of painting the whole house.

115. Help People Move

Helping people move is a good job if you’ve got some muscle. You can grab a side job with a moving company, or you can hop on Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace and look for people who need help moving stuff.

116. Seek Out Seasonal Work

Many jobs hire employees just for a few months. For example, income tax preparation services hire people during tax season (January – April).

If you can find something for every season, you’ll have several interesting side gigs throughout the year that each line your pockets.

117. Become a Mock Juror

As a mock juror, you get to help attorneys practice their craft through mock trials. You don’t have to show up at a courthouse, either — you get to work right from home!
Earnings aren’t too bad, either, at $20 – $60 depending on the mock case’s complexity.

118. Collect From Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits are filed every day. Chances are you could be entitled to financial compensation just for purchasing an item at some point in time.

Check out ClassActionRebates. It aggregates class action lawsuits on their site; each listing provides case information, shows your estimated winnings, and links you to where you can file your claim.

119. Be an Art Model

Got the patience to hold still in a pose for a while? Art schools will pay you to strike a pose as an art model.

And no, you don’t have to be nude if you don’t want to, although you’ll have the most opportunities if you’re comfortable taking nude modeling gigs.

The safest way to find these gigs is to contact art studios, art schools, and local colleges. If you look online for modeling gigs, be very cautious and do your research; there are often scams for art models online, due to the often nude nature of the gig.

120. Be a Movie Extra

You may not get to star in the next Hollywood hit, but you can make some extra money as a movie extra.

To become an extra, search the internet for casting agencies near you. Show up, fill out the paperwork, and get a headshot taken.

They’ll then call you when they have something for you. Just show up and follow their directions, and you’ll be getting paid to “act” in no time.

When the film or TV episode comes out, feel free to point yourself out to friends and family every time “your” scene is on.

Extra Money is Everywhere… If You Put In the Effort

Some of the ways to make money on this list will net you a few bucks for little to no effort, while others could grow into a full-time business.

However, no matter which money-making method(s) you decide to pursue, you’re going to have to put in some effort to actually make the money.

But at least you don’t have to spend time browsing around for ideas!

We’re confident that you’ll find at least one (if not more) money-making ideas on this list that you can not only earn money with, but also enjoy pursuing.