10 Reasons Why You Should Travel

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel

Image via Unsplash/Caroline Gutman

Image via Unsplash/Caroline Gutman

You’ve got time off — what should you do with it? Sometimes it’s tempting to save money by having a “stay-cation” at home, and while there may be benefits to that option, you should try to go somewhere else, if at all possible. Check out these great reasons why you should travel.

1. It’s Easier Than You Think

You don’t have to plan everything out on your own — unless you want to! Pick where you’d like to go, call a travel agent, and let them do the leg work. If you want to do it yourself, or don’t want to pay an agent money you could use for your trip, then never fear – the Internet makes planning travel easier than ever. There are countless websites that suggest travel itineraries, offer up places of interest, and recommend vendors that give the best deals. You don’t even have to do that research by yourself — type a certain destination into Google and see the myriad results that come up!

2. You’ll Meet New People

Visiting new places means you’ll be around new people! Whether you share a meal with fellow travelers in your hotel or meet some locals around town, you’ll get a chance to talk with people you never would have met if you’d stayed in your own city. It doesn’t matter if you keep in touch with these people once you get back home, because you’ll have had the chance to get to know someone new, and you’ll have expanded your view just by learning about them and their lives.

3. You Can Experience Different Cultures

Culture is everywhere! You don’t have to travel to a foreign country to experience something diverse. If you’re a northerner, visit Georgia and try their southern cookin’ and laid-back approach to life. If you just lived through a cold New England winter, go camping in the Utah desert. You can find different cultures everywhere you look, as long as you’re open to exploring them instead of just taking your own approach to life on vacation with you.

4. You Will Learn About New Places And Their History

Trips don’t have to be built around educational places like museums and landmarks for you to learn something. Experiencing a new place with new people and a different culture will be a learning experience of their own! If you’re in to history or a certain town, research places of interest before you go, and make sure you get to see them while you’re there. If you’re going somewhere just to go, ask around and see if the locals know of any noteworthy accomplishments of their town.

5. You’ll Have Freedom

Unless you’re traveling for a specific reason, like for business or to visit family, then you’ll have a lot of freedom. Sometimes the best part of planning a vacation is not planning at all! Get in your car and drive, or book a flight but leave the rest to chance. Don’t box yourself in by having a hotel booked every night — go with the flow and see where your journey might take you! You’ll find it’s refreshing to not have obligations every day.

6. You Can Break Your Habits

Having freedom while traveling means you get a chance to break your habits! Your routine might be to get up, have breakfast, dress for work, be at your desk all day, come home, cook dinner, and watch a movie before bed. But when you’re traveling, you don’t have to do that! In fact, you might not be able to do it, even if you wanted to! You have the chance to do something different every day, and that will help you feel refreshed when you return home. It might even help you mix up your daily routine!

7. You’ll Be Curious

Visiting a new town means there are new places to check out. It looks like there’s a crowd at that restaurant — should you try it? A local recommended that you go see this site – go! Being in a new place and having the freedom to explore different things means your curiosity will be inspired, and you’ll want to find cool things to do. Think of all the stories you’ll be able to tell when you get back!

8. You’ll Get To Experience Things For The First Time

Due to daily routines and the grind of a workday, it’s rare that you get to experience something for the first time. Your drive to work is the same every day, you cook similar dinners every night, your weekend plans rarely change. When you travel, you’ll be in a new place and get to experience more things for the first time! This means you might have to step outside of your comfort zone and try that strange food or risky activity, but come on! You’re on vacation, live it up!

9. You’ll Realize What You’re Capable Of

Did you know that you could climb a mountain, learn a new language, or even simply navigate a new city without the help of a GPS? When you travel, you’re often pushed to your limits, and you’re happy to feel this way because it seems like a treat, not an obligation like it might seem to be at home. You’re presented with many new experiences, so you’re eager to try them and see what you can actually accomplish. Surprise yourself!

10. It’s A Good Transition Step

Traveling can help you cope with periods of transition in your life. I traveled extensively after my company closed and laid off all the employees. It sure was more fun than jumping back into the job search! Travel could also help you regain perspective after a painful break up, or the death of a loved one. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone, away from the monotony of daily life, will help you get back on track and feel better about how you life can change from here.

Allison Renner