20 Ways Men Make Women Hate Them Without Realizing It

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It’s not that women are overly sensitive creatures or even that easily offended — it’s just that men are really good at saying the wrong thing. Guys, if you’re perplexed about the last time your girlfriend huffed her way out of the room, perhaps this list will help you figure out why she’s still not returning your texts.

1. Referring To Your Superior Strength

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The whole “I’m here to protect you” vibe ended with the first wave of feminism. Now it’s just annoying and outdated.

2. Saying “You’re Really Good At X, For a Girl…”

This kind of talk should have ended in middle school, and it would be hard to find a woman that doesn’t think that way.

3. Bashing On Her Friends’ “Girly” Traits

Making fun of how girls have to tell each other everything won’t get you very far in their world.

4. Not Texting Her Back Until She Mentions Something You Want…

… like sex or pizza delivery. Remember that her texts about the latest annoying thing her boss did were sent with the intention of being answered, too.

5. Falling Asleep Immediately After Sex

Forget about the cuddling — a woman doesn’t want to hear you break into loud snores while she’s still coming down from a climax.

6. Asking Her Out and Not Paying

Universal Pictures/Ted/via

Universal Pictures/Ted/via tumblr

If you’re the one who initiates the date, it’s only fair that you pay. Same goes for when a woman does the asking out, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

7. Canceling Plans At The Last Minute

Women tend to take longer to get ready to go out than men do. This means that canceling on a lady at the last causes her to go through the trouble of her pre-outing ritual for nothing. Congratulations, you’ve wasted her time.

8. Ordering For Her

Very few women will be thrilled to hear you picking out their meal, especially if this is a first date. She may have a near-fatal allergy that she hasn’t told you about yet.

9. Not Disposing Of The Condom Wrapper

Chances are, you made a mess anyway, so removing the wrapper from a woman’s bedroom floor is always appreciated. However, many women won’t let resentment build over this one since you bothered to use a condom in the first place.

10. Obsessing Over Other Women’s Bodies

Talking about what you would do with Kelsey’s tits is going to provoke glares from all the women in earshot. (They’re not held rapt by some guy’s poetic description of motorboating).

11. Forgetting Her Favorites

When a dude forgets his lady friend’s favorite movie, color, restaurant, etc., the matter is rarely taken lightly. To a woman, this indicates that you’ve never listened to a word that’s come out of her mouth.

12. Blaming Bad Moods On Her Period


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Sometimes women get sad/are assholes for reasons other than “that time of the month.” Chalking all of their feelings up to four days of blood devalues their status as human beings.

13. Avoiding Eye Contact When You’re Talking To Her

Watching the football game over a woman’s head while she’s telling you about her day will not fly. Guy friends may not care, but lady friends appreciate when you actually listen to them.

14. Dismissing Her Fears/ Concerns As Impractical

It’s not always about how rational it is to worry about your best friend’s safety on a blind date in a well-lit, crowded restaurant. Maybe the lady is just trying to express how much she cares for her friend, and there’s no reason to mock her for that.

15. Catcalling

Getting whistled at on the street is not flattering. It’s actually a form of harassment, and it has never resulted in the catcaller getting positive attention from a woman.

16. Leaving the Toilet Seat Up

In the middle of the night, when it’s dark and a woman is groggy, she will fall in. And it will be your fault, mister.

17. Finishing Fast

Women should never be too hard on guys for premature ejaculation, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hold a bit of a grudge every time it happens.

18. Telling Her To “Calm Down”

Universal Pictures/Bridesmaids/via

Universal Pictures/Bridesmaids/via replygif.net

What with the long-existing stereotype of the “hysterical woman,” it’s an especially sensitive subject

19. Weighing In On Abortion Rights

When guys forget that this is a woman’s issue and start talking about the fate of the uterus, women get pissed. Word to the wise: It never comes off as if you’re having a friendly political discussion.

20. Making Rape Jokes

Not ever funny.