3 Lamborghinis Collide And Burn To A Crisp

Image via Twitter/mawarbellaa2

This week has been marked by a number of incidents involving high end sports cars. Just a few days ago, Hollywood lost one of its great actors and driving stars, Paul Walker in a fiery crash in Valencia, California. Walker and a friend had left a charity event together in a red Porsche that was soon after involved in a horrific high speed accident.

Now, another crash has been reported to have involved high end sports cars, this time in the country of Malaysia. Three Lamborghinis collided and burst into flames after one of the cars reportedly veered from its lane of travel. There were five vehicles traveling together to the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The other two vehicles in the group managed to avoid tangling with the three vehicles that wrecked, and emerged unscathed.

One of the vehicles was a Lamborghini Aventador and the other two were Gallardos. The vehicles were worth close to $1 million altogether. The cars were not speeding, according to NBC News. The media outlet cites the local fire chief, Norazam Khamis, as saying that he did not believe the cars were speeding. He also reported that one of the cars was nearly completely destroyed and the other two were burned beyond any repair.

Super cars and other high end exotics keep making the news. Paul Walker’s crash was probably one of the most horrific incident of late. However, crashes like this one in Malaysia are not anything to take lightly. McLaren just reported that its new supercar, the P1, has nailed a time of less than 7 minutes on the world’s toughest race track. This car is capable of more than 200 mph, and many of these other exotic vehicles can also reach high speeds like this.

These vehicles are extremely attractive to celebrities, sports stars, and wealthy car enthusiasts. More of these cars are hitting the streets each year and with the increased numbers comes a higher risk. The motoring public must be aware of the fact that while these cars are attractive to look at, they can also be dangerous in the wrong hands; and in the case of Paul Walker, even an experienced driver can suffer the consequences of one bad decision.