4-Year-Old Adorably Denies Stealing Doughnut Despite Proof Being All Over Her Face (Video)

Realizing she’s short a few chocolate doughnuts, a mother decides to investigate the matter by grilling her two children. One fesses up quickly, while the other denies any involvement — despite having chocolate all over her face!

Hopefully nobody ever robs a bank with this girl.

As soon as the camera turns on, Emma rats out her brother, Ben, immediately. “Uh, Ben ate one. I did not.” Ben doesn’t deny it, either. When asked about his alleged involvement in the chocolate doughnut heist, he comes clean, telling his mother, “Yeah, I love it [chocolate doughnuts].”

Things get more complicated when Emma’s mother lets her know she has chocolate on her face. Emma, smooth as smooth can be, touches her chin and casually remarks, “I think that is chocolate.” Finally, in a dazzling display of political spin, Emma comes “clean,” claiming she was the victim of a doughnut attack. She alleges that Ben mushed the chocolate doughnut around her mouth, but she refused to eat it. Ben even fesses up to it as well. He must’ve still been in that untroubled state of post-chocolate-doughnut-consumption bliss that only a child can experience.

Easily the cutest thing anyone will see all day.