40 Of The Most Notable Tweets Of 2014

Image via Twitter/TheEllenShow

Twitter recently released its year in review for 2014 — otherwise known as #YearOnTwitter2014. A lot has happened this year, and a lot of people have tweeted about it. What events were the most tweeted about, you ask? What events fascinated, saddened, horrified and elated the denizens of Twitter during the year 2014? Wonder no more, because here is a chronological list of some of the most prominent events of the year and the tweets that represent them.

1. January: Lorde wins a Grammy and continues to take over the music world


2. Pharrell wears a weird hat

3. February: RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman

4. February: The Seahawks win the Superbowl

5. February: The Sochi Winter Olympics happens, and Russia passes an anti-gay propaganda law


6. March: Ellen DeGeneres tweets the most popular Tweet of the year

7. March: The Ebola virus breaks out in West Africa


8. May: 273 Nigerian schoolgirls are kidnapped

9. May: Maya Angelou passes away

10. June: The King of Spain abdicates the throne

11. June: Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 goes missing


12. June: World Cup fever

13. July: LeBron James returns to Cleveland

14. July: Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 crashes in Ukraine

15. August: Eric Garner’s death is ruled a homicide by chokehold

16. August: Michael Brown is killed in Ferguson, Mo.


17. August: Ferguson residents protest

18. August: Police in Ferguson are heavily armed

19. August: The death of Robin Williams shocks the world

20. August: Some protests in Ferguson become violent

21. August: The Ice Bucket Challenge takes over the Internet


22. August: Ebola spreads rapidly

23. August: Scotland informally votes for unity

24. September: Kate Middleton (aka the Duchess of Cambridge) is pregnant again

25. September: Emma Watson makes a speech about gender equality at the U.N.

26. September: The Mars orbiter explores and is adorable

27. September: Hong Kong police use tear gas against Umbrella Revolution protestors

28. October: Malala Yousafza wins the Nobel Peace Prize

29. October: The Queen of England sends her first tweet

30. October: Workers move into the new World Trade Center


31. November: Ebola doctors and nurses take the spotlight

32. November: Republicans sweep the midterm elections

33. November: More states plan to increase their minimum wage


34. November: The 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall occurs

35. November: The Cake Boss is arrested

36. November: A probe lands on a comet

37. November: People love the International Space Station

38. November: The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is lit

39. December: Citizens protest against Eric Garner’s death

40. December: NYC City Council members protest Eric Garner’s death