A Tiger Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over The Opinion Of Sheep


Tigers: the world’s largest cats. Tigers are some of the most ferocious creatures on Earth. Tigers have been known to prey and eat large animals, such as buffalo, deer, wild pig, rhinoceros, and in some cases, man. When a tiger is hungry, it doesn’t stop to consider its options for food, it goes for whatever is available.

Tigers thrive in all types of settings; from dense hot jungles, spongy swamps, to shivering cold forests. Tigers have survived for over two million years because they can make the best out of any environment they are in.

Tigers are amazing creatures. Tigers are strong, fast, brave, cunning, ferocious, and adaptable. How does a beast like this maintain its status?


A tiger is determined. If you’ve ever seen a tiger on the prowl, you’ll notice it has a level of focus that will leave you speechless. A hunting tiger combines intricate precision with admirable patience and syncs them together fluidly; it’s as if you are hunting along with it as you observe the way the cat moves its paws one by one. Slowly, and surely, a tiger almost always gets its prey.

When a tiger is focused, it’s tuned into the important, and tuned out to the unimportant. For example, if a tiger steps on a twig it could trigger a nearby bird to fly away, unintentionally broadcasting a signal to the entire environment. For a tiger to be successful, it must concern itself with the things that matter.

Does being careful matter to a tiger? Yes. Does experience matter to a tiger? Yes. Do things that do not affect a tiger in any given way matter? NO.

A Tiger Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over The Opinion Of Sheep

Sheep have no relevancy to a tiger. So why are we even bringing them up? Because sheep are the last thing on a tiger’s mind (unless they are being eaten). Even more so, what does the opinion of a sheep matter to a tiger? Sheep are docile creatures that travel in flocks. Tigers are take charge creatures that fend for themselves. What matters to a sheep is the furthest thing from a tiger’s mind.


In your ventures, it’s important to take on the mindset of a tiger because you will very likely come across many sheep. The world is full of sheep — or as they are sometimes referred to: sheeple. These sheep/people are the ones that exhibit flock-like behavior, they have the same opinion as everyone else. While once and a while their opinions might be useful, nine times out of ten they are not. Some examples of sheep behavior include people telling you things like:

You’re not smart/tall/experienced enough to do something like that.

People that say this kind of thing to you are people that have given up on themselves. These kinds of people feel it is necessary to bring you down in order to validate their shortcomings. It’s important to not listen to this kind of thing; a tiger has bigger, more important, things to think about.

No one is liking what you do, so you should stop doing it.

This is the one of the more difficult types of sheep behavior to deal with. I mean, if the feedback isn’t good for what you are doing, then it feels like you should give up.

Let’s look at how a tiger would deal with this. Does a tiger care about what the sheep thinks of its technique? No. Does a tiger get better at what it likes doing by doing it more and more? Hell yes.

You get better at doing what you do by doing it. Just about every famous person in history were once people that got told what they were doing was not well received. If they stopped, we wouldn’t have Apple. We wouldn’t have Ford. We wouldn’t have electricity.

A Tiger Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over The Opinion Of Sheep

Tigers take action, despite the fact that it may not be a favorable one. Life is like a jungle — it’s about survival. When tiger’s want to be heard, they let the world know (a tiger’s roar can be heard from up to one mile away). Tigers are surviving because they know what is important.

The next time you hear an opinion that is something you’ve heard time and time again, ignore it. If you follow popular opinion, you will be sucked into the massive flock of sheep. And then when it comes to giving an opinion of your own, you won’t have anything relevant to say other than “baa.”