Always Be Selling, Always Be Closing

Always Be Selling, Always Be Closing


Many times, I speak to people who want to know what the “secret” is to being a successful entrepreneur. While I often mention things like passion, drive, and hard work, I also try to include another bit of advice as well. I tell them to “Always Be Selling, Always Be Closing.” Why? Because at the end of the day, all of the grueling effort put forth and mad enthusiasm mustered need to be rewarded. Without the gratification of a deal or sale being closed regularly, excitement, passion, and work ethic are just plain hard to maintain.

For many people, closing is more of a necessary than an enjoyable thing. I have often met entrepreneurs that talk about their products or services like they would a gorgeous lover, then completely mishandle the sale as if it didn’t matter at all. In all truthfulness, though, closing a deal can make the difference in whether your business has a one night stand with success or sustains a long term relationship with winning. If you truly are as infatuated with your company as you seem, you will work your ass off to close and sell each and everyday.

But wait, before you start explaining to me that your business is solid and that you hire people to make the sales for you, let me finish my thought. Selling and closing shouldn’t just be done out of necessity, but also as an act of confidence and certainty in your own abilities. Maybe you don’t need to land any additional investors or sell anymore product this week, but you can still be closing. Perhaps you set your goal on taking home a woman at a bar or landing a date with the hot new model in your building. Whatever the prize, always be focused on closing something.


In the world of business and entrepreneurship…and even dating and sex…everyone is looking to get the most bang for their buck. They want to know that the anticipated return on their investment has value and that they truly will be satisfied with their purchase. In order to meet these high expectations, there are a few tips that you can follow:

#1. Presentation
How something is presented is really a key to selling and closing. While your product or service may be exactly what a customer needs, if it is not presented in this way then the value will immediately decline. Always be listening to find out of what a potential client sees as valuable, and then make your presentation match this logic.

#2. Charisma & Charm
People want to give their money to individuals, companies, or organizations that they just genuinely like. Because of this, having charisma and charm will help you sell just about anything under the sun. Practice being the kind of person that appeals to an audience and who just naturally attracts a following with their personality.

#3. Ask For It
Once you have made your best presentation and given the person an opportunity to genuinely like you, don’t forget to ask for what you want. Many times, deals are left on the table or sales are never turned because of the enemy of time. Don’t just stand by, assuming that if someone wants to purchase, sign, or sleep with you, that they will let you know. Be bold, be confident, and expect to close.

Once you choose to adopt the mantra of “Always Be Selling, Always Be Closing”, it will become just as much a part of your lifestyle as brushing your teeth. As this happens, you will find yourself growing more confident, and being able to ask for things that you never would have dreamed of before. This is the place where the sky truly becomes the limit and success is always an option. This is also the place where the greatest entrepreneurs exist.

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