Bears Fan Tasers His Packer Fan Wife After She Loses Bet (Video)


There’s nothing like a friendly wager to boost the intensity of the already volatile Chicago Bear and Green Bay Packer Rivalry. Last Monday night’s game was just another exciting, storyline filled evening in the history of the oldest rivalry in football. Chicago knocked out Aaron Rodgers on the first drive of the game, while Bears backup Josh McCown led his team to a 27-20 victory. The game didn’t end for one Wisconsin couple who undoubtedly had Tuesday off from work. It appears they made a wager on their favorite teams. The spouse with the losing team would get tasered. The husband John Grant who was the Bears fan, won the bet and instead of showing remorse, stunned his wife twice in the butt and once in the thigh. Cops were called to the bar at 12:39 in the morning and the husband was arrested for illegal use of an electric weapon. Well, the cell phone video has finally been released which shows that the wife was a voluntary victim (it may have helped that her BAC was ..155)

Luckily one of their friends was ‘videoing’ so that this couple can watch some nice family videos and reminisce when they’re older.