Candy Crush: Estimated To Be Bringing In $632k A Day

Image via Candy Crush

Think Gaming, a website that “provides better monetization for mobile game developers,” estimates Candy Crush is bringing in around $632,000 a day for King, a British company. That’s around $230 million a year, jack!

Image via Think Gaming

Image via Think Gaming

I can personally attest to how addictive the game is. Which is odd because the whole pattern recognition Tetris style gaming is not my thing. What hooked me is how they display the top three people in every level and how I yearn to be among them. A previous article  by Wall Street Insanity gives a in depth look into the social aspect of the game.

So, my “Requiem For a Dream-esque” encounter with Candy Crush has been a short one. No more two hour time-warps, no begging friends for lives, and no more .99 cent transactions will appear on my credit card. I hereby renounce crushing candies for the rest of my days. Mind you that none of this is because of the time wasted while playing, or the resentment my wife has towards me while she drives and I play, but more because of learning how much money these guys are making—and I ain’t clearin’ no more of the white man’s jellies!