Couples Fight Most Over Remote Control

Couples Fight Most Over Remote Control

Couples fight. It’s a fact of life. But what do they fight about most? Money? Kids? Housework? Not according to new survey from 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair. The poll, which interviewed 1,100 adults nationwide by phone between Nov. 16 and Nov. 19, found 36 percent of couples fight over the TV remote control. Their most likely bone of contention? Sports or no sports.

Still, it would seem in today’s world of online streaming via laptops, tablets and mobile phones, what’s on the tube would be less of an issue. It can only make one wonder how many fought over the remote say… 20 years ago?

This is good news for cable companies as Time Warner and Cablevision both offer service that allow subscribers to watch shows on their tablets or phones as long as they are logged on to their home’s WiFi system. The companies say the apps have been downloaded millions of times.

The survey can be found in the February issue of Vanity Fair, which hit newsstands Jan. 3 and will be available in electronic form Jan. 8.

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Samantha Lile