Disney Characters Magically Stalk Unsuspecting Shoppers (Video)

It seemed like an ordinary day at the mall — until the shadows started following them. Shoppers at an unnamed mall on Long Island got a big surprise recently when, upon passing by what they thought was a blank wall, they were confronted by the shadows of Disney characters ballroom dancing, waving, mimicking people’s gestures and occasionally breakdancing.

According to the Disney blog, the goal was “to surprise and delight people to help remind them that everyone has a side of them that laughs more, plays more and plain has more fun — we call it our Disney Side.”

While the filmmakers were cagy about how the effect was created and how the characters were chosen, it appears that the supposed blank wall was hiding actors in Disney costumes, such as Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and more. The filmmakers stayed on site for several days, capturing many people’s reactions; according to the blog, “most” of everything you see in the video was a real, spontaneous reaction.

The secret Disney filmmakers were also cagey about whether or not they’d show up at other malls, saying, “You never know.” So if you’re a Disney fan and are eager to have Mickey Mouse be your shadow, keep your eyes peeled the next time you’re at the mall.