Don’t Chase, Just Replace

Image via Shutterstock

Chasing after a girl is one of the least alpha things a man can do. And it’s pointless, too. In my experience, if a woman likes you, she knows it pretty much right away, and unless you’re some kind of slack-jawed dimwit, she gives you enough signals so that you know it, too. But if, on the other hand, she’s mixing those signals and making you work too hard to figure out what she thinks of you, your time is going to be better spent elsewhere.

Now, if she’s just playing hard to get, that’s one thing. But if she’s making you vie for her affections against an army of other suitors and you’re actually playing along with it, that’s bullshit and not worth your time. If you’re chasing a woman, what you’re actually doing is giving her all the power. You’re taking your balls out of your scrotum, putting them on a silver platter and serving them right up to her.

See, some women just like being pursued. And why not? They’re getting all kinds of attention, it makes them feel special and all that happy bullshit. But when the chase is over and you’ve caught her, she’s gonna get bored pretty quickly—and let’s be honest—so are you. When a woman reduces herself into a prize to be won, the luster wears off pretty quick. I mean, every trophy you’ve ever earned is just collecting dust on the shelf now, right?

Whatever it is you’re after, chasing is not the answer. If you’re looking for Ms. Right, well, relationships are built on connection and chemistry, not childish games or begging for acceptance. And if you’re just trying to get laid, that’s even worse. The bar hookup is a numbers game, and spending the whole night in a competition for the best looking chick in the place is a good way to end up going home alone. Besides, the fourth or fifth best looking girl in the place is going to be better in the sack, anyway.

So if a girl won’t give you the time of day, then to hell with her. Move on to the next one. There are plenty of them out there.