Eagles WR Riley Cooper Caught On Camera At Kenny Chesney Concert Saying He’ll ‘Fight Every N*gger Here’ (Video)


Here’s Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper, presumably shitfaced, at a Kenny Chesney concert.

What got Mr. Cooper all riled up is unclear. A good guess would be copious amounts of cheap liquor.

The native Oklahoman Cooper is expected to help replace star receiver Jeremy Maclin, who will miss the whole 2013 season after tearing his ACL. Considering that the vast majority of Cooper’s teammates are African-American, things are going to get awkward in the locker room.

It’s also unclear if Cooper ever did, in fact, jump the fence and fight some African-Americans. This next video shows Cooper jawing back and forth with somebody, with some shitty EDM in the background. Perhaps this altercation is what got Cooper all mad in the first video?