16 Easy Ways To Get Free Walmart Gift Cards

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If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that Walmart gift cards are just as good as cash. You can buy absolutely anything at these beloved superstores – both in-store and online.

Very few people would deny that Walmart is one of the most affordable shopping experiences out there. The choices are endless, the prices are doable, and the convenience of online shopping is on par with the best e-commerce giants in the world.

free Walmart gift cardsThat’s why pretty much all of us could quickly find a way to spend Walmart credit, buying stuff for our closets, garages, vacations, babies, and the list goes on. You can simply get anything you want from this retailer.

What’s better than being gifted a gift card from Walmart? Short of getting cash, nothing! Did you know that you can quickly earn Walmart gift cards from a number of companies?

For completing some simple sign-up processes, taking surveys, or doing other easy tasks (mostly online), companies and organizations will literally pay you in free Walmart gift cards.

It may sound too good to be true, but continue reading to check out some popular, reliable sources of gift cards for Walmart.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Want to become an influencer? Survey Junkie pays people just like you to provide your honest opinion, which helps brands deliver improved products and services to consumers.

You can easily sign up and build your personal profile, which Survey Junkie uses to match you to surveys. Once you start racking up virtual points after finishing surveys, you can redeem your points for PayPal credit or e-gift cards (such as free gift cards from Walmart gift!).

2. InboxDollars ($5 signup bonus)



With InboxDollars, users earn cash back rewards by doing some easy and entertaining online tasks, including taking surveys, playing games, shopping, and watching videos.

It’s a straightforward and easy way to earn free money, and they have already paid out over $57 million to its massive user base. And, of course, you can redeem your earnings in the form of free Walmart gift cards.

3. Nielsen

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel


You’ve probably already heard about Nielsen research at some point in your life, because it’s a well-respected research organization. Well, did you know that Nielsen pays regular internet users (like you) if you simply give them access to your internet usage?

They do! It’s called the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, and it’s easy to set up (and start getting paid). You just have to enable them with access to your internet-enabled devices, then go online every day like you typically would!

4. Ibotta ($10 signup bonus)

Ibotta app


Keep your receipts, people! With Ibotta, you can score free rewards by simply showing your receipts from department stores, grocery stores, and a plethora of other shopping locations.

The process is quite simple and straightforward: go on the app and select the products you would potentially buy, then snap a photo of your shopping receipts and upload them into the Ibotta application. That’s all you need to do!

The cash back rewards are very diverse – from $2 cash back on dog food to $1 cash back on over-the-counter heartburn medicine. Once you’ve accumulated enough, you can redeem your rewards in the form of a PayPal payment, a Venmo transfer, or a gift card.

It’s another easy way to earn Walmart gift cards.

Right now, you can get an instant $10 bonus by clicking here and getting started with Ibotta.

5. Swagbucks ($5 signup bonus)



Are you ready to score $5 in Walmart gift cards just for completing a sign-up process? Look no further than Swagbucks – the platform that rewards you to log on and surf the web like you usually do.

For simply browsing the internet like you always do, Swagbucks actually pays you in the form of a PayPal transfer or free gift cards, including ones from Walmart. Your online activities can include watching videos, answering surveys, playing online games, and just surfing the web in general.

It’s such a well-renowned and popular platform that they’ve already paid over $320 million to their user base. Swagbucks send out 7,000 gift cards every day, so there is more than enough for the taking!

6. Rakuten ($10 signup bonus)



Want a high-value cash back program, but don’t want to have to worry about calculating points?

Rakuten offers up to 40% cash back at more than 2,500 retailers, and there are no points (or fees) involved. From Sephora and Neiman Marcus to The Container Store, Rakuten enables you to get cash back on some of the most popular retailers in the country.

It’s simple to earn with Ebates: you just sign up, start shopping through the Rakuten portal or app, then your cash back rewards will show up in your account. It’s that easy!

Your rewards can be redeemed in the form of a PayPal transfer or a check.

Plus, Rakuten is currently offering a $10 bonus for signing up — which can be redeemed right away so that you can instantly earn Walmart gift cards!

7. Vindale Research

Vindale Research

Vindale Research

With Vindale Research, users can get paid to take surveys on any device – so you can earn both at home and while you’re on the go!

Vindale Research has already paid its members more than $6,955,991 for taking easy surveys online, and there are hundreds of paid surveys added to the site every day.

All you need to do is share your demographic information, and the site will match you with relevant surveys. You can browse which surveys are available, or just let Vindale email you when new surveys pop up that you qualify for. Along the way, this site protects your information with TRUST-e certified data privacy and provides you with a full-service support team.

Don’t like worrying about calculating points? Vindale Research pays you with straight-up cash via PayPal or a check, so there is no need to worry about how many points amount to how much you’ve earned. Once you redeem your earnings, you can then convert them into free Walmart gift cards!

Sign up now for a free $1 bonus!

8. OneOpinion



OneOpinion rewards its survey-taking users in a two convenient ways: prepaid credit cards and PayPal credit. Once you complete a survey with OneOpinion, points will be added to your account immediately!

Apart from this quick redemption process, OneOpinion is known for being very clear about each task, how long it takes, what you will earn, and what you are required to do.

But, perhaps what OneOpinion users love the most about this survey site is the customer service. For 24 hours a day, users can reach out to Member Services for anything they need – making earning money with OneOpinion incredibly easy!

9. PointClub



You can start earning both cash and gift cards in just two simple steps after you sign up for PointClub – a site that pays you to take surveys.

Users who join PointClub earn points for taking surveys then redeem those points for either cash or gift cards from various retailers, including Walmart (and you can choose between receiving e-gift cards or physical ones). Not only does taking surveys rack up points, PointClub is always coming up with new ways to give you points – like when you confirm your email or link a social media account.

PointClub is totally free, and even gives its new users a $5.00 sign-up bonus when they first join.

10. i-Say



Do you want your personal opinions to make more of a difference in this world? With i-Say, your say matters quite a lot – and will actually land you free Walmart gift cards in the process.

Three million people have already scored free rewards by participating with i-Say, which rewards people for simply giving their honest thoughts via online surveys. After you accumulate enough rewards, you can redeem them and earn Walmart gift cards! Users are in total control when it comes to which rewards they want to receive.

On top of regular rewards, i-Say does regular contests where you’ll get a chance to win even more!

11. MyPoints ($10 signup bonus)



With MyPoints, you can earn gift cards from Walmart by doing easy and fun online tasks.

It’s not too good to be true! Users on the site have collectively already hauled in $236 million in free rewards.

To earn with MyPoints, you can take online surveys, play games, and watch videos. You can also get cash back online shopping like you typically would at popular retailers (including Walmart, eBay and Amazon). Right now, for example, MyPoints is offering 15 points per dollar spent at Amazon and 8 points per dollar spent at Macy’s. They also do special offers, like 50 points per dollar spent at specific flower delivery sites on special holidays.

These points can later be exchanged for Walmart gift cards, or gift cards from more than 75 other top online retailers. Right now, you can get $10 free just for getting started.

12. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Onlin

You may have heard of Harris Poll, their market research is frequently quoted in widely-read news sources. When you join, you can complete online surveys that help influence important decision-makers in big organizations and corporations.

By giving Harris Poll your unique opinions, you get rewarded with credit from Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, and – you guessed it – you can even earn Walmart gift cards!

13. Shopkick



Were you aware that you can earn gift cards from Walmart by simply scanning barcodes with your phone? It may not sound real, but it is! Shopkick literally pays you to simply walk into physical retail stores and scan specific goods.

As you scan more and more goods, you rack up points (which are cleverly referred to as “kicks”). You can then exchange your kicks for gift cards from popular retailers. Shopkick allows users to get rewarded in free Walmart gift cards, as well!

14. Opinion Square

Opinion Square

Opinion Square

Opinion Square not only rewards you with cash and other valuable prizes (such as Walmart store credit), they also give you the opportunity to enter into their $100,000 sweepstakes after you join.

Participants share their opinions related to a whole host of topics via email and pop surveys, they are rewarded with points redeemable for prizes and cash. It’s just that simple!

15. E-Poll

E-Poll surveys


Movie studios, musicians, TV executives, advertisers and more want to know your opinion about a variety of interesting topics that affect your day-to-day life, and they’re willing to reward you for it with E-Poll surveys.

With a free E-Poll membership, anyone can start earning gift cards – including Walmart gift cards – for completing surveys.

If you’re interested in entertainment and like to shop, then you could certainly enjoy earning rewards by taking surveys with E-Poll. You can use a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer to complete the surveys, you get rewarded every time, and your privacy is kept secure.

16. MySoapBox



Brands want to know how they’re doing, and MySoapBox will pay you in gift cards just to let them know!

MySoapBox is an online research community that gathers feedback on products, services, and experiences from its members – and rewards them with gift cards. It’s a way for brands to know how they’re performing, how they can do better, and what they should do next.

Not only can you get free Walmart gift cards by reviewing the things you buy, use and do in your day-to-day life, MySoapBox also gives you the option to redeem your rewards for gift cards from a ton of other popular retailers.