Emily Hartridge Gives Us 10 Reasons Why Men Love Women

Emily Hartridge Gives Us 10 Reasons Why Men Love Women

emily hartridge 10 reasons why men love women

Hot chicks are rarely funny, and funny chicks are rarely hot (although I guess the same thing can probably said about dudes), but British vlogger Emily Hartridge is one of the exceptions to the rule. There’s almost a “Sarah Silverman” kind of thing going on with her too, where her hotness makes her seem funnier, and her funniness makes her seem hotter. Well, whatever it is, it’s working for her.

In her latest “10 Reasons Why…” video, Emily chose to make a list of reasons why men love women, then she acts them out to varying degrees of amusement aided by her goofy little boy toy. Some of her reasons I agree with, some I don’t, but she sure as hell delivers them in an entertaining fashion.

So let’s take a brief look at each of the 10 reason men love women, according to Emily Hartridge:

1) Boobs

Well, yeah. Personally, I’m more of an ass-man, but there’s no denying the fact that boobs are pretty great.

2) Nipples

Hey, wait a second. Emily doesn’t feel the need to clarify this separation, but in my opinion, the nipple is a part of the boob. The best part as a matter of fact. There are probably a hundred reasons why men love women, there’s no need to break breasts down into two categories. If you are, at least go with left and right.

3) Okay, she’s starting lose focus here because I have no idea how to sum this one up.

I guess she’s saying we like the “sexy, suggestive look” that a woman sometimes gives you after you look her up and down like she’s a piece of meat. It’s really just an excuse for her to make a funny face. Let’s move on.

4) Post-Gym Sweatiness

This one, on the other hand, is very insightful. A woman who has just worked out is unbelievably sexy. Emily raises a few possible reasons why this is, and yes, it’s all those things she mentions and more. The truth is, I’ve never really bothered to analyze it, but it’s awesome.

5) “Can I Please Give You a Blowjob?”

Well, okay. But only because you said “Please.”

6) Their Beauty Stash

Do guys really do this? I thought it was only something you saw on old sit-coms. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m way more into her underwear drawer than all that crap she keeps in the bathroom.

7) Men Love Women Who Love Their Food and Aren’t Afraid to Show It.

Fair enough, but there are definitely conditions here. Emily has probably found this to be true because she’s skinny as a friggin’ rail, and sure, it would be kinda hot to watch her go to town on a plate of ribs, but watching a heavy chick do the same? Jesus, you’re putting me in a tight spot here, Emily, but sorry…that’s about the furthest thing from attractive. Also, I once dated a girl who chewed with her mouth open and that wasn’t sexy at all, even if she was eating naked.

8) Women Who Like Porn

I guess that would be true if women like that actually existed. Seriously, that chick is harder to find than the hot and funny variety. Sometimes they’ll humor us, though, which we should always appreciate.

9) When a Woman Has Her Own Life

True. Clingy girlfriends are annoying.

10) We like a woman who doesn’t complain when we want to hang out with the guys.

This is really just the same thing as number 9, although it’s a less egregious separation than nipples from boobs.

So her list is maybe a little hit and miss, but as always, she’s fun to watch. Keep ‘em coming, Emily (Get your mind out of the gutter. I didn’t mean it like that).

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