Fake YouTube Emails Send Consumers to Fake Online Pharmacy

Cybercrime researchers have identified a new internet scam that attempts to drive victims to an online pharmacy selling counterfeit drugs. The scam involves fake, yet legitimate-looking email notifications claiming to come from YouTube which contain a link to a Web site for Canadian Family Pharmacy. There, visitors are presented with counterfeit versions of popular drugs such as Viagra and Cialis at rock-bottom prices.

Pharmaceutical scammers are currently spamvertising a YouTube-themed email campaign, attempting to socially engineer users into clicking on the links found in the legitimately looking emails,” wrote Webroot cybercrime researcher Dancho Danchev on his company’s blog.

The subject lines of the emails state either “YouTube Administration sent you a message: Your video is approved,” or “YouTube Administration sent you a message: Illegal video warning,” according to G Data.

G Data also reports that the site, as well as others involved in similar scams, are operating out of compliance with state and federal laws. Previously, counterfeit prescription campaigns have used Twitter or Facebook in their emails to appear more credible.

[Image via Shutterstock]